Saturday, 26 September 2009

blah blah blah

i'm sorting my books out. i have a bootful to take to the second hand shop. some clothes and two handbags. only two thus far and a few clothes. it's a start. i feel a bit 'funny' today. sort of misplaced. bit lopsided. it will pass no doubt. today is grand final day and my son barracks for geelong so i hope they win. i wouldn't know one end of a footballer from the other. i'm babysitting tonight. my son's step daughter who is disabled and 22. they are going to a party which is rare for them. i hope his team wins coz he'll be a bit grumpy if they don't. i was supposed to have my g/son tonight as well but haven't heard from my daughter. and if you read facebook you'll know that i'm out of my indonesian coffee and i can't buy it anywhere. i hope this situation improves soon coz i'm already hanging out for it. to say i'm addicted would be an understatement. ahhhhh. i got a new (almost) suitcase recently from the second hand shop. a real bargain as the case is a very good brand and it was super cheap. i checked it out and didn't find anything wrong with it but alas, when i got home i noticed that the zip was coming away from the case and needed stitching. ah i said to myself, that's why it's in the second hand shop. so i took it to be repaired thinking it would cost the earth but luckily it didn't. so i have a very nice new (ish) suitcase. this is indeed lucky because the old one has finally gone cactus. i've been lugging books down the stairs in it and i think it's finally died. beyond repair this time. each time i get back from bali i say the poor old thing won't make another trip but it always does. now i can fill it with shoes or handbags (hahahaha) and stash it under the bed. unfortunately the new one doesn't fit under the bed. oh well. i just wish the asian supermarket would get me some coffee. have a good one
ps. i'm giving up scrabble coz it's downright embarrassing how bad i am at it. i totally suck. it's depressing. no more scrabble for me

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

cars are expensive to upkeep

and as soon as you drive it off the lot, if you are lucky or silly enough to get a new car, they lose so much value it's not funny. ten years on i suppose i'm lucky that i really haven't spent a great deal on it. it's been reliable. today i went for a service and that was ok $120. not too bad. then he found the front brake pads were worn so changed them over for another $120. hmmm. then said the fan belt needs changing, there's two apparently. $90 bucks i put off until next time. then when i picked it up he told me the timing belt is on the way out. doesn't sound too bad does it? wrong!!!!!!!! there are two options. a) $300 for the belt. but....... $600 if i get the 'kit' and change the valve things or something like that at the same time. also, there's a water pump at the back of the timing belt which if it isn't changed and it leaks on the timing belt there will be expensive and big trouble. he said the timing belt if it goes will cause the whole engine to have a major cow and cost me thousands. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i filled up with petrol on the way home too. and to make matters worse i wasted the whole day coz he didn't look at it for about two and a half hours. he didn't know i needed it 'urgently'. well yes, i would like it back the same day but i shouldn't complain should i? but i will :)

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


well i've had quite a good day except for lunch. roast beef bagette from the local cafe usually delish but today yuko. different cook? don't know. not important. should have gone to subway. i got things done i've been meaning to do for ages.
got a haircut
put a wii and wii fit on layby at big w. good price i think. 430
two new tyres on the car. feels like i've got power steering
b/day present for my sister (just a little filler one, but cute)
phone card for the mobiles i send to bali for the poor. lol
nit comb thingy for my g/daughter who always gets them at school coz some mothers don't get rid of their kid's head lice. sorry to mention head lice. i itch every time i hear the word and her mother is threatening to cut her hair.
some reprints from office works. their prices are good and you can print any amount
and two biggies
new work shoes
and a new bra
i've desperately needed shoes and a new bra for ages. old shoes squeaked when i walked and have a split in the side. very embarrassing and old bra just died, as they do. woo hoo. i even had a nice coffee, oh yeah and i got a new dictionary (can't find the old one) to cheat at scrabble. don't tell Kim. hee hee. i also got in the mail a little blue tooth thingy for my computer. it's tiny. they call it a dongle. another lol. you can hardly see it in the usb port.
here are some great photos to peruse if you care to. not all of bali. i like this bloke's (hope it's a bloke) work. enjoy. the link is in the title i think.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

i've got library disease again

cleaning, sorting, chucking out stuff. some of my cupboards actually have room in them. i bought a shoe organiser thingy and it holds twelve pair. it goes under the bed. i got two and still have four pair left over. it doesn't hold boots. i need a new pair of shoes for work and keep putting it off coz i'm very hard to fit and with the orthotics it makes it very hard to find a pair that fit well. the pair i have now squeak. my podiatrist tried to fix it but couldn't. i bought one of those over the door hook things and have hung all my handbags on it. well most of them. i still haven't gone through them but i will. i have a boot full of stuff for the second hand shop. i still have too much stuff.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

how to piss me off

put me in a doctor's surgery with lots of sick people esp. one who is coughing non stop and sitting right under the 'if you have a cough or sneeze please ask for a mask' sign. maybe they didn't know who to ask. no-one said anything. not even me who really wanted to. i wanted to go up and ask for a mask. how long did i wait? one and a half hours. i was cold, hungry, super stressed and yes, pissed off. i read two old magazines. i was slightly amused by the she must be on something girl who talked on her phone and begged someone to come and get her. she had to have an injection. i know this because she ran out of the doctor's room and dragged her boyfriend (yes, he came to get her) in coz she was scared. i wasn't last to be seen only second to last. i've had the worst time at work this week coz we are super busy and i'm stressed out of my brain. wednesday is my day off and i'm looking forward to it immensely. i'm going to a mini printing workshop and then meeting a friend for a drink in the afternoon. i feel better now, thanks for listening. *weak smile* however, just to top it off i've just made coffee and i've got NO MILK. yes, i'm shouting. i'm going to drink it black. can't be bothered going to the shops ahhhhhh serenity now, insanity later