Wednesday, 9 September 2009


well i've had quite a good day except for lunch. roast beef bagette from the local cafe usually delish but today yuko. different cook? don't know. not important. should have gone to subway. i got things done i've been meaning to do for ages.
got a haircut
put a wii and wii fit on layby at big w. good price i think. 430
two new tyres on the car. feels like i've got power steering
b/day present for my sister (just a little filler one, but cute)
phone card for the mobiles i send to bali for the poor. lol
nit comb thingy for my g/daughter who always gets them at school coz some mothers don't get rid of their kid's head lice. sorry to mention head lice. i itch every time i hear the word and her mother is threatening to cut her hair.
some reprints from office works. their prices are good and you can print any amount
and two biggies
new work shoes
and a new bra
i've desperately needed shoes and a new bra for ages. old shoes squeaked when i walked and have a split in the side. very embarrassing and old bra just died, as they do. woo hoo. i even had a nice coffee, oh yeah and i got a new dictionary (can't find the old one) to cheat at scrabble. don't tell Kim. hee hee. i also got in the mail a little blue tooth thingy for my computer. it's tiny. they call it a dongle. another lol. you can hardly see it in the usb port.
here are some great photos to peruse if you care to. not all of bali. i like this bloke's (hope it's a bloke) work. enjoy. the link is in the title i think.


  1. Did someone win lotto and forget to mention it to us??
    Love shopping spree`s, it makes you feel alive..
    Damn those mothers, Daniels last school was a shocker for it but this one so far (touch wood) has been ok....I gave up years ago with the lice lotions..Good old fashioned (cheap) conditioner does as good a job and much cheaper....
    I`ll check out your link...

  2. Fran, I just love your Profile pic.
    Think Mandy has nailed it. Did you win Lotto?
    Take care.Funny thing about food outlets. Not always what we expect...

  3. hi guys, no if i won lotto i'd send you a post FROM BALI. hahahahahaha

  4. You certainly have had a busy time...Good on you.


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