Tuesday, 1 September 2009

how to piss me off

put me in a doctor's surgery with lots of sick people esp. one who is coughing non stop and sitting right under the 'if you have a cough or sneeze please ask for a mask' sign. maybe they didn't know who to ask. no-one said anything. not even me who really wanted to. i wanted to go up and ask for a mask. how long did i wait? one and a half hours. i was cold, hungry, super stressed and yes, pissed off. i read two old magazines. i was slightly amused by the she must be on something girl who talked on her phone and begged someone to come and get her. she had to have an injection. i know this because she ran out of the doctor's room and dragged her boyfriend (yes, he came to get her) in coz she was scared. i wasn't last to be seen only second to last. i've had the worst time at work this week coz we are super busy and i'm stressed out of my brain. wednesday is my day off and i'm looking forward to it immensely. i'm going to a mini printing workshop and then meeting a friend for a drink in the afternoon. i feel better now, thanks for listening. *weak smile* however, just to top it off i've just made coffee and i've got NO MILK. yes, i'm shouting. i'm going to drink it black. can't be bothered going to the shops ahhhhhh serenity now, insanity later

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