Sunday, 24 March 2013

cookie's birthday

we celebrated cookie's birthday yesterday with presents, lunch and a little bit of shopping.  always the shopping.  i gave her a guitar, perfume, one direction watch and jewellery (natch) and some owl stickers and the like.  she was happy with her loot.  we went to a pub in gawler for lunch.  my daughter lives closer to gawler than elizabeth. it's a nice little country town, very busy these days.  a nice lunch and a coffee at the java cafe afterwards.  all good.  she went to a friend's bowling/birthday party afterwards.  he shares her birthday which was the 21st.  harmony day.  not much news other than that really.  my dil and i made the biggest blueberry cheesecake the other day and although it could have been cooked a little more it was delish.  too delish actually.  i told her to take it home with her but she left me a rather large piece so, of course, i who have no self control whatsoever, ate it.  not all at once of course but it's all gone now.  :(  goodbye diet.  i'm taking two days leave this week so will have a nice easter break.  i'm going to maz's place on thursday for lunch and 8 ball.  :)  i am obsessed with this song from les mis lately.  i wish shirley bassey would record it.  i haven't seen the film yet.  susan boyle does a great job of it too.  i watched the video of her first appearance on the tv show in the uk and she was fantastic.  she gave me goosebumps.  

i found a little vietnamese cafe recently and had to have a vietnamese iced coffee.  hmmmm

cookie's impression of a rock star :)

weird shape in the sky.  a plane did a right hand turn

raspberry birthday drink

cookie loves owls.  from harry potter i think.  i found these cute painted rocks the other day

Sunday, 17 March 2013

dsb at the oscars

 pics and interviews

here are some fantastic pics of dsb with adele and barbra streisand at the oscars.  an interview and more.  fantastic.

Monday, 11 March 2013

a day of silence

tomorrow, 12 march 2013, is nyepi in bali.  new year's day. everything closes, even the airport.  we stayed in bali once for nyepi and it was interesting.  no-one is allowed on the streets.  lights are not lit, no cooking.  if you stay at a hotel only minimum services are available. on nyepi eve parades featuring ogoh ogoh occur in every district.  it's such fun to watch.  kids carry along huge papier mache statues of demons on huge bamboo frames.  very colourful.  they turn them around and around to confuse the evil spirits. afterwards they are burnt or hotels buy them for decoration. lots of work goes into making them. everyone is involved. the next afternoon there are lots of celebrations and markets.  kids run around with balloons and toys.  it's a real party atmosphere.  so selamat hari raya nyepi 2013

a short video of a parade 

click here for more information

Saturday, 9 March 2013

a concert, a film and two dinners with friends

another week has come and gone and it's been a busy one.  i saw neil young with my son and friend.  fan. tas. tic.  hahaha.  he rocks.  loud and long.  got home late and went to bed immediately.  the fringe has been on in adelaide and everything has been happening.  the rest of the year it's dead.  lol.  i went to a short film fest. and one of the films featured my son's beetle.  reggie.  now, reggie is a filum star.  was   a great evening.  last night i had dinner with friends, we ordered in thai.  delish and a lovely evening.  a work friend had her farewell dinner last friday night as her contract has finished after 16 years and it was a very sad evening but a good one too.  now for a weather report.  HOT HOT HOT and HUMID. it's been awful.  monday and tuesday next (my days off) are reported to be 38 degrees.  omg.  i am hoping that autumn will arrive and the weather will cool.  i love the ends of the seasons when you notice that it gets darker quicker/later and the sun is in a different position.  the sun in summer blasts through my spare room window and now it is behind a tree and the spare room is not filled with sunlight until much later.  enough of the weather.  i go on.  my daughter and dil are both having medical problems atm.  they are both waiting for specialist appointments and we really don't know what is going on.  my g/daughter was born with serious heart problems, a cleft palate and is partially deaf.  her heart is going well, she just got another hearing aid but unfortunately will need something done with the cleft palate soon.  she's having a procedure in early april and perhaps an op after that.  poor little dear.  it's her birthday this month, she's going to be 13.  she is still crazy about one direction (she'll get over it) and i got her a  guitar for her b/day.  a one direction watch and some other girly stuff.  she'll love it.  so..............  that's all from me.  hope you are well wherever you are and life is being kind to you  ;)

and this is reggie.  movie star