Monday, 2 September 2013

it's spring

and it's so warm atm.  yesterday and today it was 30 degrees.  very warm.  sunshine is gorgeous and very welcome.  apparently it's the warmest start to spring on record.  yesterday was father's day in oz and i went with my son and family to the beach for fish and chips.  we were lucky enough to see one of the dutch tall ships sailing up the gulf.  we had a lovely day.
today i outdid myself and washed the windows upstairs.  my son jumps out on the roof and cleans them once in a very blue moon.  well, he did it once i think.  i purchased a magnet cleaning thingy from israel of all places.  it actually worked a treat.  i'm very pleased with the result.  i mowed the lawn and coloured my hair.  my son usually does my hair with henna and i got sick of asking him to do it and did it myself.  i didn't use the henna because i was scared of getting it at the back of my ears and neck and not being able to see it.  how embarrassing.  i used a foam type which is supposed to not drip but i still managed to get it on my tshirt.  i only hope that it hasn't stained my skin.  time will tell.  i also cleaned the bathroom.  talk about spring fever.  :) 

tall ships visit Adelaide