Saturday, 30 July 2011

how NOT to make breakfast by me

Put two frypans on stove on medium heat. Realize I forgot a light spray of canola oil. Pick up first frypan (without handle). Hmm warm. Spray frypans. Go to fridge for two eggs. Lovely organic eggs from sister’s chicks. Decide to make scrambled eggs for a change after contemplating an exotic tomato and herb omelette affair. Break eggs into a small bowl and take out white spermy bit with two teaspoons. This is quite difficult and can take some time.  Also, I think I’m the only person in Australia who does this. I also cut all the bloody bits from chicken breasts. Yuko. Marvel at how yellow the eggs are.  Add a bit of milk to eggs and mix. Add pepper and salt. Pour into too hot pan and curse yourself for putting the frypans on too early. Realize there is another too hot frypan on the stove. Go to fridge for a tomato. Can’t find tomato. Sure I had another one in there. Swear a bit. Finally find tomato at back of fridge behind leftover artichoke salad. I’m kidding, who has leftover artichoke salad in their fridge? Wash and cut up tomato and add to too hot pan. Burn finger on frypan. Go to freezer and get out two slices of pumpkin seed bread. Nice. Place in toaster. Turn eggs a bit and add pepper and salt to tomatoes. Turn off eggs. Put toast in again as it’s too pale. Forget toast. It’s a bit brown now but still passable. Turn tomatoes. Butter well done toast and put eggs and tomatoes on a plate. Fill jug with water and put lovely indonesian coffee in a mug. Yes, i make it in a mug.  Make coffee and add a dash of milk. Go into lounge and watch an old filmclip of toni basil singing mickey. Bop along a bit. Enjoy breakfast and leave some toast. Return to kitchen and fridge and put a dollop of lime marmalade on remaining toast. Eat. Enjoy. Drink coffee. All in all a very nice breakfast considering what a shambles it was to prepare. Return to kitchen and wash dishes. Ok, that bit I made up. A very young Bon Scott is on the teev now singing let there be rock. Time to bop.

 the lone tomato.  note to self - buy tomatoes

i didn't have this beauty for brekky.  i don't know what it is.  a sort of cauliflower/broccoli something.  looks exotic doesn't it?  

and finally a little ac/dc.  Angus should be in skool not hanging around a demolition site with those chain gang escapees.  

Thursday, 28 July 2011

irish castle

this is in ireland and i can't believe i haven't seen pics of it before now.  it's truly awesome.  the pic of the hideaway (previous post) is in france i think.  gorgeous day here today but very chilly this arvo.  lovely brekky with my son this morning, we played dr mario on the wii for a while.  he beats me most times i'm afraid.  very addictive is that little dr mario.

dragonflies in the sun

these two dragonflies were enjoying the sun this morning. spring is surely on it's way. please excuse the weeds.  

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

a little cosy hideaway

doesn't this look amazing?

Thursday, 21 July 2011

a visitor

my sister came to the city to buy some tiles yesterday.  they're putting them in the bathroom at the shack.  or rather, a profesh tiler is and you can only imagine the quote he's given them.  omg.  cost about five times more than the tiles. and they have to have him when it's convenient for him, not the other way around.  they have to wait three months for the man to come and sand the floors.  remember a while ago i told you she is having the huge cracks in the bedroom repaired?  another massive expense. i digress, we picked up the tiles and had a nice lunch. then, we shopped until quite late.  i was pooped by the time we got home.  we picked up a few bargains and had a lovely, if busy, visit.  she's coming again next wednesday but i'll be working unfortunately. i forgot to mention that she baked an egg and ham pie, which was delish. she also bought me down some organic eggs and some nice stewed apples.  a friend with an orchard gives them a batch of apples each year and sis stews them.  they are really nice.  not too sweet.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

la bassey

i am a passionate shirley bassey fan.  i have everything she's ever recorded and have been fortunate to see her live four times. to me, she's the ultimate entertainer.  i adore her voice and her passion.  words do not describe how much i love this woman.  she gives me chills and this is one song that always makes me cry.  i don't know why.  it means a lot to me.  i've been listening to her since i was very young, thanks to my mother who was also a fan and had all of her LPs.  in fact, i think a SB LP was the first one i ever bought.  yikes, so very long ago. i love SB.  i hope the video is playable.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

this and that

my new tattoo.  i actually like this one

this is a nice view of the pool and entrance of the pesona beach inn.  

kids are coming for lunch.  meatloaf.  hope it's nice.  it's in the fridge chilling.  after lunch (and dishes) we are going shopping.  i'm so sick of going to work, coming home, going to bed and doing it all again, and again.  i need to get out and get some fresh air.  a change of scenery.  or at least suburb.  it's sunny here again today.  quite nice although a bit fresh.  i should put a load of washing in.  i just noticed my kitchen drawers are in the messiest state ever. i might tidy them tomorrow.  hmmmm  maybe.  i'll put it on my list.  it's harder to ignore items on a to do list. i've added more than one pic this time. it's all in chinese since the 'upgrade' of blogger. another case of it wasn't broken so let's fix it.  just like the finance software at work.  that's been a fun week. not ...

Thursday, 14 July 2011

a weather report

you may, or may not, have noticed that i'm always changing the look of my blog.  i'm looking for the perfect layout.  i haven't found it yet.  a lot like love really. :)  no, i digress.  i decided to look into making my own. (blog layout not my own bloke, that would be too messy).  i digress again.  i did desktop publishing as one of my modules yonks ago so how hard could it be.  right?  day off today.  i'm going to lunch with my son and dil.  enjoy your day.  oh, and i forgot to mention that the sun is actually out and i can see a weird colour in the sky.  oh yeah, it's blue.  still cold though.  there you have the weather report for adelaide my job here is done.  :)

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

i am longing for a short break to somewhere sunny and warm.  swimming, eating and just relaxing.  longing and in need atm.  

Sunday, 10 July 2011

this is a pic of my vincent.  i told you he was gorgeous.  lol

Friday, 8 July 2011

my son calls this my 'amy winehouse' photo.  i don't think so

Thursday, 7 July 2011


my son loaned me his scanner so that i can scan some of the thousands of old photos i have.  well, it's quite time consuming but enjoyable.  i had the cat scan yesterday and i have no stones which is good.  they injected me with glow in the dark poison to enable a further scan.  will get results back from doctor next week.  should be ok.  i made tiramisu again last night for my dil's birthday.  it's on saturday but we are going to dinner tonight and home for coffee and dessert.  as usual, i made a bit of a mess and couldn't resist licking the spoon.  oh dear.  no mind, it's all good.  i made a nice roasted pumpkin and chicken pasta last night.  quite nice and a bit different.  i'm going to work now. it's my half day as i'm working on sunday.  pic is of my first love and me taken many moons ago.  ahhh to be young again  :)

Sunday, 3 July 2011

my baby

this is a pic of a chocolate lynx (tabby) siamese.  it's very much like my vincent but of course my vincent was much more attractive.  :)  he was 13 when he passed and i miss him every day.  he was my faithful companion and my baby.  marvelous with people but an absolute terror with other cats.  we had three cats, all strays, when we bought him home.  he spotted mickey as i carried him into the lounge room and went nuts and peed on me and bit through my thumb nail.  omg. he was 12 weeks old and tiny. this was surprising as he still had most of his brothers and sisters with him when we picked him out at the breeder's house.  his best friend was tyler, a tabby we rescued when his head was stuck in a cyclone fence. they were inseparable. tyler used to bring him a cricket in from outside every night to play with.  poor old fifi, my auntie offloaded her when she moved, was harassed by vinnie most of the time.  when i moved in to my current house fifi and vinny were the only cats i had.  poor fifi had to spend most of her time outside. she used to bring me a half a rat occasionally as a present.  :( thanks fifi.  i'm still traumatised by that.  once we had some sheets of tin in the backyard.  my son was moving them and a giant rat jumped out.  the rat was mid air in the middle of trying to escape when fifi jumped up to meet the rat mid air, caught the rat and promptly ran towards my daughter and me. we thought we were a safe distance from the proceedings.  she ran towards the back door and expected to be let in.  i don't think so.  much screaming from daughter and me, my son throwing sheets of iron around the back yard and fifi running around with a rat made the whole situation a little bit nightmarish that i still remember as if it was yesterday.  of course after vinny passed i waited about six months before choosing another pussy cat.  i found rex. named by the g/kids. turns out i'd waited too long and my immune system was starting to repair itself from my allergy to cats etc. poor little rex made me very very sick.  i gave him away to a friend. my heart is still broken. :(  i write this blog because my friend has just lost her baby, jessie, to cancer.  the family is heart broken and when she told me the sad news last night i thought about vinnie and my own pain when he died.  animals are faithful companions who only ask for love and give so much in return. 

Friday, 1 July 2011

this week

i've lost a button from my favourite coat and broke the zip on my favourite jacket.  but, i found a flash drive and a memory card i thought i'd lost.  good hey?  :)  lovely pic is of john lennon and his siamese cat.  i love siamese cats and john was ok too :)