Thursday, 7 July 2011


my son loaned me his scanner so that i can scan some of the thousands of old photos i have.  well, it's quite time consuming but enjoyable.  i had the cat scan yesterday and i have no stones which is good.  they injected me with glow in the dark poison to enable a further scan.  will get results back from doctor next week.  should be ok.  i made tiramisu again last night for my dil's birthday.  it's on saturday but we are going to dinner tonight and home for coffee and dessert.  as usual, i made a bit of a mess and couldn't resist licking the spoon.  oh dear.  no mind, it's all good.  i made a nice roasted pumpkin and chicken pasta last night.  quite nice and a bit different.  i'm going to work now. it's my half day as i'm working on sunday.  pic is of my first love and me taken many moons ago.  ahhh to be young again  :)


  1. I have scanned a heap of old photos on to my computer so I know what you mean about time comsuming but I am so glad I have done them in fact there are a lot more I would like to do but I just have to be in the mood to do them...

  2. Cool pic :-)
    and as for licking the spoon.. umm... that's normal isn't it? :-)


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