Sunday, 3 July 2011

my baby

this is a pic of a chocolate lynx (tabby) siamese.  it's very much like my vincent but of course my vincent was much more attractive.  :)  he was 13 when he passed and i miss him every day.  he was my faithful companion and my baby.  marvelous with people but an absolute terror with other cats.  we had three cats, all strays, when we bought him home.  he spotted mickey as i carried him into the lounge room and went nuts and peed on me and bit through my thumb nail.  omg. he was 12 weeks old and tiny. this was surprising as he still had most of his brothers and sisters with him when we picked him out at the breeder's house.  his best friend was tyler, a tabby we rescued when his head was stuck in a cyclone fence. they were inseparable. tyler used to bring him a cricket in from outside every night to play with.  poor old fifi, my auntie offloaded her when she moved, was harassed by vinnie most of the time.  when i moved in to my current house fifi and vinny were the only cats i had.  poor fifi had to spend most of her time outside. she used to bring me a half a rat occasionally as a present.  :( thanks fifi.  i'm still traumatised by that.  once we had some sheets of tin in the backyard.  my son was moving them and a giant rat jumped out.  the rat was mid air in the middle of trying to escape when fifi jumped up to meet the rat mid air, caught the rat and promptly ran towards my daughter and me. we thought we were a safe distance from the proceedings.  she ran towards the back door and expected to be let in.  i don't think so.  much screaming from daughter and me, my son throwing sheets of iron around the back yard and fifi running around with a rat made the whole situation a little bit nightmarish that i still remember as if it was yesterday.  of course after vinny passed i waited about six months before choosing another pussy cat.  i found rex. named by the g/kids. turns out i'd waited too long and my immune system was starting to repair itself from my allergy to cats etc. poor little rex made me very very sick.  i gave him away to a friend. my heart is still broken. :(  i write this blog because my friend has just lost her baby, jessie, to cancer.  the family is heart broken and when she told me the sad news last night i thought about vinnie and my own pain when he died.  animals are faithful companions who only ask for love and give so much in return. 

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  1. Yes our pets do so much for us they make us feel good and keep us company and for most of us they are part of the family. I have never been a big cat person but that was because as a child the only cats I was ever around where those of a neighbours and they where not cared for very well.


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