Saturday, 16 July 2011

this and that

my new tattoo.  i actually like this one

this is a nice view of the pool and entrance of the pesona beach inn.  

kids are coming for lunch.  meatloaf.  hope it's nice.  it's in the fridge chilling.  after lunch (and dishes) we are going shopping.  i'm so sick of going to work, coming home, going to bed and doing it all again, and again.  i need to get out and get some fresh air.  a change of scenery.  or at least suburb.  it's sunny here again today.  quite nice although a bit fresh.  i should put a load of washing in.  i just noticed my kitchen drawers are in the messiest state ever. i might tidy them tomorrow.  hmmmm  maybe.  i'll put it on my list.  it's harder to ignore items on a to do list. i've added more than one pic this time. it's all in chinese since the 'upgrade' of blogger. another case of it wasn't broken so let's fix it.  just like the finance software at work.  that's been a fun week. not ...


  1. Hope you had a great afternoon with the family. Get out and enjoy life. Read, write and take photo's of things that capture your eye...
    oh, and shop ;-)

  2. I have never made or eaten meatloaf so have no idea what it is like......

  3. hi guys, Matthew, shopping? of course. it's very important. we had a good afternoon, nice weather for a change.
    Jo-Anne, meatloaf is just life a giant rissole or meatball. they said it was a bit bland. needed something. wasn't horrible but could have been better :)


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