Monday, 17 September 2012

a movie

i went to the movies with cookie and my dil on saturday to see kath and kimderella.  i love the tv show and loved the movie.  i think a lot of it went over cookie's head but she enjoyed it.  sharlene loved it too.  we went to the noodle bar for lunch before the movie.  fantastic food.  noodles and rice, satay and chips.  all delish.  cookie stayed over friday night and i took her home on saturday night coz i worked yesterday (sunday).  my hours change soon.  not fast enough for me of course.  it's my sister's 60th birthday soon and she doesn't want to do anything.  i don't think so.  i'll go up and celebrate with her.  work is super busy lately.  i'm going out to dinner tomorrow night to celebrate a workmate's engagement.  she's getting married later this month.  i'm just about to ring the woman with the devon rex kitties.

cute kitty

Saturday, 15 September 2012

a mistake

you know how i love ebay?  lately i've cut down A LOT.  really i have.  but, it's nearing christmas and i have grandchildren so i've been buying a few things lately.  Lan, at work, gave me a string of broken pearls to repair so i may have purchased a few necessary supplies.  sort of.  now for the bad part.  i had an old postage bag that i was keeping bits of plastic in on the bench.  after cleaning the kitchen the other night i put the old bag on the table near the back door.  next morning i opened the blinds and wow thought i, a delivery.  that's where the courier usually leaves bigger packages.  it took me a minute or two to realize that it wasn't an ebay day for me.  oh, the disappointment.  yesterday some bracelets arrived from the uk for cookie for christmas.  she likes one direction.  i don't judge her coz i had one or two crushes in my youth for, no, not boy bands, but bobby rydell and someone else whom i can't remember right at this moment.  i saw a pic of bobby recently taken when he was young and i was amazed that i didn't find him the least bit attractive.  how tastes change as we get older.  that's probably a good thing.  right?  my friend Graham has just returned from bali and knowing how much i am into vdubs took these photos for me.  quite specky i thought.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

a few things

i went back to work this week and survived.  yay.  i just realized yesterday that it's only 17 months before i retire.  yikes!  i took the g/kids out for lunch and shopping yesterday.  we had a fab day and were all a bit tired by the time we got back to their place.  my daughter made me a cappuccino in their new (father's day present) coffee machine.  very nice.  i like my coffee :)  we bought lots of stuff.  i even started on my christmas presents.  just started.  my dil returned from cairns.  her mum's op was postponed until next thursday.  let's hope it goes ahead without problems.  i haven't caught up with her yet.

i woke up this morning and turned the laptop on, as you do.  it had crashed AGAIN. what the?  it's happened twice before and i've restored it.  shouldn't happen at all as it's only a few months old if that.  so....  this time i had no choice but to take it back to factory default. i lost all my unsaved stuff, including my tax file for this year.  i printed it out. :(  ahhhh.  i put chrome back on.  i've been using firefox coz chrome kept crashing and doing weird things.  for example, it loads in chinese and then offers to translate it.  i've checked all of my settings and they all say i'm in australia and speak and type ENGLISH.  not very well i grant you.  :)  how rude!

as i was getting ready to go shopping a while ago i looked out of the bathroom window upstairs and there was a man lying face down next to the back of the office wall in the cemetery workyard.  i've told you i have a cemetery on one boundary and a park on the other.  i look into the workyard of the cemetery from my bathroom window.  it gets very dusty some days with their machinery etc.  anyhoo.  i didn't know what to do.  next time i looked he had rolled over onto his back and was looking at his mobile.  then, the next time i looked he was gone.  omg how spooky.  no, he wasn't a ghost.  well, at least i don't think so.  :)

i'm listening to the new bob dylan cd on itunes (click here) and thinking about island holidays.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

just a few things

i haven't posted anything for while so here's a catch up.  we welcomed some nice sunny weather for the first day of spring yesterday and it's nice out there today too.  my grandson had his 15th birthday on thursday and he enjoyed his presents and had a good day.  my dil flew up to cairns last night to visit with her mum who is in hospital.  at first they thought it was a heart attack but now it seems it's the same problem she had last year.  it's to do with her liver we think.  she's having an op on thursday.  i am going back to work tomorrow for the first time in over two weeks.  i'm a bit nervous about it as i still am not 100% but i'm almost there so that's good.  and, i'm feeling quite bored at home.  i need to get back into the swing of it.  it's father's day here today so i would like to wish all dads a very happy day.  enjoy your sunday wherever you are.

this caught my eye recently when googleing bali

beer and chocolate ?

a leaf bug.  very common around here at this time of year

pretty and colourful