Saturday, 15 September 2012

a mistake

you know how i love ebay?  lately i've cut down A LOT.  really i have.  but, it's nearing christmas and i have grandchildren so i've been buying a few things lately.  Lan, at work, gave me a string of broken pearls to repair so i may have purchased a few necessary supplies.  sort of.  now for the bad part.  i had an old postage bag that i was keeping bits of plastic in on the bench.  after cleaning the kitchen the other night i put the old bag on the table near the back door.  next morning i opened the blinds and wow thought i, a delivery.  that's where the courier usually leaves bigger packages.  it took me a minute or two to realize that it wasn't an ebay day for me.  oh, the disappointment.  yesterday some bracelets arrived from the uk for cookie for christmas.  she likes one direction.  i don't judge her coz i had one or two crushes in my youth for, no, not boy bands, but bobby rydell and someone else whom i can't remember right at this moment.  i saw a pic of bobby recently taken when he was young and i was amazed that i didn't find him the least bit attractive.  how tastes change as we get older.  that's probably a good thing.  right?  my friend Graham has just returned from bali and knowing how much i am into vdubs took these photos for me.  quite specky i thought.


  1. That's quite a wave Bobby got there. Surf's up!

  2. I have fads on ebay & haven't bought a great deal off there.
    Love the sin bin :)
    Bobby Rydell...sort of remember that name. I suppose he used Brylcreme :) (was that how it's spelt?)

    1. i don't know how it's spelt but he must have used a lot of it.

  3. I also love ebay and my youngest daughter has recently discovered it herself she bought a pair of shoes of ebay that she couldn't get here. Love the vdubs so colourful they are an awesome car......

  4. I know very little about ebay and hope I'll save money by not finding out.


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