Thursday, 12 June 2014

good news

i am relieved to say that my procedure today was negative and i am good to go for another twelve months.  yay.  my super finally came through and i've put it in my savings account for now until i decide if i want to buy a newish car or not.  i probably will.  i'm undecided.  i'm going to dinner and a movie tonight with some friends and although it's a bit chilly out there i'm looking forward to it.  i don't know what we'll see yet. 

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

a muscle was pulled

i went to bed early again last night to watch jonathon creek.  electric blanket was on and i was all set like a jelly, nice and cosy.  the quilts (i have two and a minky blanket) seemed too far down and i kept trying to pull them up.  next thing i know i have a stitch or a cramp in my side.  i thought nothing of it thinking it would go away in a minute but it didn't.  it just got worse.  i couldn't breath without severe pain and i got stuck in one position in bed and couldn't move up, down or roundabout. i felt like a beached whale.  helpless.  how embarrassing.  i was really starting to get worried by this time. it reminded me of when i took a bath in cairns the night we arrived and because i had severe pain from inflammation in my hip at the time i couldn't get out of the bath.  i shouldn't share that information really.  i was so embarrassed as i didn't want to call my dil to help me. anyway, when i finally got into a sitting position the pain eased somewhat so i took a strong pain killer and a muscle relaxant.  i'm allergic to codeine so have to have a tablet prescribed by my doctor.  luckily i don't suffer strong pain very often.  the pain relief started to kick in about three quarters of an hour later and i was able to find a position on the bed that didn't hurt too much.   i slept fairly well considering until i woke a few times through the night because i'd moved and the pain was awful.  thank goodness the pain has eased considerably today and i just feel a bit off from  the medication i think.  i'm very tender in that area and might go up for a nana nap.  it's my son's birthday today and we are going out for dinner tonight so a nana nap is definitely in order me thinks.  i probably pulled a muscle. honestly, there is never a dull moment.

Monday, 9 June 2014

wedding vows, work friends and a sunny afternoon

what a lovely time we had today at the wedding of Dianne and Reg. partridge house in the beach side suburb of gleneg was the very special venue.  the bride arrived in a blue corvette and looked lovely in a cream and white gown.  Dianne and Reg met at a salsa dance lesson about four years ago and have been a couple ever since.  Reg used to come into the library and fix things and i've known Dianne since i first started work at the library all those years ago. you could feel the love in the air and the small but very meaningful ceremony was quite moving.  Dianne's son recited this piece beautifully and then we then went inside for champagne and delicious finger food.  it was great to see so many friends from work attend.  the weather was chilly at first but the sun came out in the afternoon and it was cosy and warm inside that beautiful old house.   i took my old camera which is not working properly and probably needs recycling as it's no doubt expensive to repair.  my trusty phone took over and low and behold its battery soon went flat.  i did get a very nice photo though.

partridge house at glenelg

the happy couple

Sunday, 8 June 2014

a wee cold

not really sick just feel a bit off and my nose is runny.  i've been resting as much as possible and i'm just about to go for a walk. i have a vitamin d deficiency apparently,  it's quite low.  i don't spend much time in the sun and now that it's been quite overcast lately there's not much chance of sitting in the sun for twenty minutes as directed by my doctor.  i have high cholesterol too and wonder if my three shots of coffee per day are causing it.  i'll watch my diet and see what happens.  it's sunday again and i have to wonder where the week went.  i'm going into the hospital on thursday for my next cancer check.  i'm hoping it will be ok.  my son's birthday is tuesday and i'm going to a wedding tomorrow which is the public holiday.  i hope the weather holds up for the wedding, it should be fun.  my computer problem seems to be connected (haha) to my internet connection.  i keep losing a bar from the icon and wonder if it's the phone line or the isp as i have a new modem.  neither telstra or tpg are interested.  surprised about that?  no, me either.  lol.  enjoy your sunday wherever you are. a few random pics i found on my computer.