Monday, 9 June 2014

wedding vows, work friends and a sunny afternoon

what a lovely time we had today at the wedding of Dianne and Reg. partridge house in the beach side suburb of gleneg was the very special venue.  the bride arrived in a blue corvette and looked lovely in a cream and white gown.  Dianne and Reg met at a salsa dance lesson about four years ago and have been a couple ever since.  Reg used to come into the library and fix things and i've known Dianne since i first started work at the library all those years ago. you could feel the love in the air and the small but very meaningful ceremony was quite moving.  Dianne's son recited this piece beautifully and then we then went inside for champagne and delicious finger food.  it was great to see so many friends from work attend.  the weather was chilly at first but the sun came out in the afternoon and it was cosy and warm inside that beautiful old house.   i took my old camera which is not working properly and probably needs recycling as it's no doubt expensive to repair.  my trusty phone took over and low and behold its battery soon went flat.  i did get a very nice photo though.

partridge house at glenelg

the happy couple


  1. That's wonderful you had a good time. The bride & groom look good, unusual gown but different.

  2. They do look happy. I've never seen a similar wedding dress.


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