Friday, 30 August 2013

happy birthday

it's my grandson's 16th birthday today.  sixteen years since i watched him coming into the world and such a gorgeous baby he was with a personality to match.  such a happy little boy.  he's in high school now and thinking about doing a trade course.  how time flies.    happy birthday my darling xxx

Sunday, 25 August 2013

hot stuff

i'm going to tell you something that happened to me at work on friday.  please don't judge me, i know i'm stupid. 
i was in the workroom after lunch and R was eating a chilli and offered me some.  no thanks said i.  later that same day, i was stopped by R in the lunch room.  try this, he said, offering me an almost completely eaten chilli.  no thanks said i again.  just put your finger on it and taste it.  ok said i, completely unaware of the outcome of such a stupid action.  i put my finger on the already eaten chilli and put my finger on my tongue.  that doesn't sound so bad does it?  well it was.  really bad.  really, really bad.  i don't know what type of chilli it was but i'll never do such a stupid thing again.  in about 5 seconds my mouth was on fire.  it was almost unbearable. it was a gradual thing too, slowly getting more and more intense.  i couldn't believe what was happening to me.  i went to drink my milky drink and R stopped me.  i went to the fridge and had a spoonful of S's yoghurt.  it helped a little bit but not much.  then my lips started to burn.  and burn.  R said whatever you do, don't lick them.  idiot.  they were very red as if i was suddenly wearing lipstick.  the sensation lasted about an hour.  i know it was stupid on my part to partake of the chilli but, how idiotic of R to offer it to me knowing the outcome. he was almost gloating.  b*****d.   i felt like an idiot but have learnt a valuable lesson i suppose.  beware of crazy men bearing chillies. 

Friday, 23 August 2013

i changed my browser

 to firefox.  it's not perfect but it's a lot better than chrome atm.  chrome has been fraught with bugs lately which is a shame coz i really like it.  so far (fingers crossed)  firefox is ok.  and the best part is that i can now comment on blogs without any problems.  :)

 a few random pics of bali. 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

scarborough fair

my son and his friend Trav.  one day i might be able to play like this.  one day

Monday, 19 August 2013


hello, i haven't posted for ages i'm afraid.  i've been having a bit of trouble with google and my account.  i haven't been able to comment on anyone's post either which is annoying, so please forgive me for my lack of presence lately.  not a lot has happened really, things are much the same.  i am rather excited as tomorrow Maz is coming over and she's giving me her old coffee machine.  it's a really good one and i'm a little bit in awe of it as i've watched youtube for instructions and it's quite complex.  it grinds the beans.  amazing.  i hope it goes well.  i bought some coffee beans in anticipation.  as you know, i just love my coffee.  my son and dil recently bought a machine and when i go over my son makes me a very nice cappuccino.  my dil who is a tea drinker has been having at least two coffees a day.  :)  they go to the market and get special blends.  the last one was vanilla which was delish.  i didn't think it would be but i enjoyed it.    i went to another ukulele workshop again and can now play two new chords and three and a half songs.  happy birthday, twinkle twinkle and half of you are my sunshine.  i can also play the first two lines of hallelujah.  my son on the other is brilliant with it.  he and his friend on the banjo did a version of scarborough fair which was really good.  i wish i could embed it for you to hear.  it's freezing here.  really, really cold.  i'm looking forward to spring.  :)