Sunday, 25 August 2013

hot stuff

i'm going to tell you something that happened to me at work on friday.  please don't judge me, i know i'm stupid. 
i was in the workroom after lunch and R was eating a chilli and offered me some.  no thanks said i.  later that same day, i was stopped by R in the lunch room.  try this, he said, offering me an almost completely eaten chilli.  no thanks said i again.  just put your finger on it and taste it.  ok said i, completely unaware of the outcome of such a stupid action.  i put my finger on the already eaten chilli and put my finger on my tongue.  that doesn't sound so bad does it?  well it was.  really bad.  really, really bad.  i don't know what type of chilli it was but i'll never do such a stupid thing again.  in about 5 seconds my mouth was on fire.  it was almost unbearable. it was a gradual thing too, slowly getting more and more intense.  i couldn't believe what was happening to me.  i went to drink my milky drink and R stopped me.  i went to the fridge and had a spoonful of S's yoghurt.  it helped a little bit but not much.  then my lips started to burn.  and burn.  R said whatever you do, don't lick them.  idiot.  they were very red as if i was suddenly wearing lipstick.  the sensation lasted about an hour.  i know it was stupid on my part to partake of the chilli but, how idiotic of R to offer it to me knowing the outcome. he was almost gloating.  b*****d.   i felt like an idiot but have learnt a valuable lesson i suppose.  beware of crazy men bearing chillies. 


  1. That was a mean thing he did to you. You need to think up a way to get even.

  2. Oh yor poor thing. Not a nice trick,makes me wonder why it was done! Hope you are better now.


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