Tuesday, 21 August 2012

rip phyliss diller

i was saddened today to hear that Phyliss Diller passed.  she always made me laugh and i don't recall her ever saying the f word and relying on smut to get a laugh.  i remember watching her often when i was a kid. she was 95.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

a small operation

i had my third cancer op on friday.  always a bit scary.  it's a small op.  general anaesthetic though not a long lasting one.  i actually walked into the operation room.  can you believe it?  i couldn't.  the anaesthetist said 'don't you feel empowered?  no, said i,  it's quite daunting.'  so one day in hospital, yucky food.  desserts were nice.  i'm starting to feel better.  i get serious head pain after anaesthetic but it's heaps better today.  my son and g/daughter came over and took me to brunch and for a small drive to get the cobwebs out.  i might go back to bed now for a nana nap.  the sun is out today.  yay.  my son also put the outdoor table together for me, so that's good.  my sister came for a few hours yesterday and Margaret from work dropped in with some gorgeous flowers from her garden.  orchids and blue iris.  one of my faves.  i am all blocked up in my ears and sinuses still so may go to the dr tomorrow if i can. other than that all is well.  go back for my check up in four months this time.

this is a devon rex.  i may be getting a kitten in 12 or so weeks. kittens were born on 11 august and i must wait until they are ready to leave mum.  don't know the gender yet.  mum had three, white, silver and tabby.  i'm excited and hope that my allergies will behave.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

a fab day

i took the g/kids to lunch and shopping.  we all had something different for lunch.  ants had wendy's, cookie had pizza and garlic bread and i had subway.  then maccas for drinks and coffee.  maccas have free wifi so is popular with the kids.  i hate maccas.  we bought lots of good stuff.  a new dvd, a voodoo cat keyring, a little gun thing for the nerf gun, clothes, shoes and linen.  i found a very nice felted beret and a nice loose cotton top.  ants got a hat that he was excited about but i can't remember what it had on it.  cookie bought a little candle thingy with teddy bears on it for her room and a koala.  she was happy.  i bought a brownie maker.  electric.  i don't know if it will be a good buy or not but first batch of brownies are delish and cooked quite well.  i'm eating one with my coffee as i type.  might settle in and watch a movie.  a few pics

Sunday, 5 August 2012

technology bit me on the bum

and it's my own fault.  i bought the g/kids a new mobile phone each recently.  smarty pants phones.  you can download apps quickly and easily.  i do it from my computer and had my visa details and password saved ready to go.  anytime.  even when nana isn't looking. oops.  g/son downloaded quite a few apps last night when they visited.  i wasn't paying attention. then i started getting the emails.  thank you for your order.  i have changed my password and deleted my visa card details from google play.  really silly of me.  hopefully it won't happen again. ants is going to camp in the flinder's ranges on monday for a few days.  he's excited.  my sister came down yesterday for a fleeting visit.  she drove me to the hospital in the afternoon and went home last night.  quite a busy day all up.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

a breakfast fiasco

fiasco is perhaps not quite the right word here.  drama queen that i am it is, to me, a disaster.  i will start at the beginning.  day off today so thought i'd have some tomatoes on toast for a late brekky.  everything was coming along nicely when i decided to put a lid on the tomatoes to help them cook through while the toast cooked.  i picked up the stock pot lid instead of hunting for the proper lid and ...  it stuck.  i can't get it off.  i thought it would come off when the frypan cooled but no.  it's stuck solid.  i'm sure my son will get it off when i see him or i'll keep trying.  no tomatoes for me today.  i have to laugh. my sister was going to come down for a visit today but isn't now.  i'm feeling a bit better today.  not 100% but it's a start.  i've started the antibiotics so in a few days i'll be fine.  i have no plans today really.  might go shopping this arvo.  i'm also off work thursday and friday to go to hospital appointments.  that's fine but i'm using my annual leave coz i'm out of personal leave atm.  bummer.  i'm hoping that my leave will be approved for may next year.  i've got some long service leave up my sleeve so should be ok.