Saturday, 28 April 2012


i am packing.  ahhh.  i have too much stuff.  my new specky purple suitcase is smaller than my old now out of service red one. we have a 23kg limit and atm it only weighs 17 but it's chockers.  my sister just rang and she's slimmed down her stuff considerably. i still have tomorrow to get my act together.  packing is part of the fun of course but it's also a pain.  i will get there.  yes, i will.  nothing like a bit of positive thinking.  i have a few errands to run tomorrow and that's it.  my sister is bringing down my nephew as he leaves about 10.30 am.  it's all good.
i took the g/kids out for lunch and shopping today. i won't see them for a while.  i'll miss them.  we had a fab day.  i saw the puppies again.  there  are only 2 left and they are keeping one.  very cute.   i have a list of presents to bring back.  tshirts, so easy, for son and family and maybe the same for the kids.  ants asked for  a skate board but i said maybe it would be better to get it here.   i'll have a look though.  it might be doable.  :)  enjoy the rest of your weekend wherever you are.  it's chilly here and i'm just about to settle down and watch a movie with a hot cup of milo.

a burnt sausage anyone?

very cool


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

sad stuff

the funeral yesterday went well.  it was emotional of course and very moving.  it was nice to see my cousins whom i haven't seen for ages.  years in fact.  my cousin from canberra is not well again. she had pancreas cancer.  my daughter and family came.  it was nice to see the g/kids.  ants got quite emotional.  today is my late husband's birthday, it's also Anzac day. a day that we remember the brave anzacs who gave their lives for their country.  i didn't watch the march as i always cry and i'm already a bit emotional atm.  instead, i went to the cemetery. (that sounds ridiculous i know) i took a small posy of wattle, rosemary and lavender with a few white daisies for everyone.  it is usually a bit of a trek as i visit my parents' grave, my parents in law's and of course the husband.  i can easily find mum and dad's grave and my pil are easy to find.   no so my husband's grave.  it's a bit of  a thing with our family.  i know where it is.  i line it up with the gate and some trees but it always eludes me.  so much so that i am ashamed to say i get quite pissed with it all. after looking for it for a good ten minutes i went to the office and found it on the computer and then printed out the location.  i went to pil's grave and my parents and had calmed down enough to try to find it again, this time with directions. it still took a while.  so let's hope that next time i visit his grave i'll be able to find it at least a bit faster than usual.  of course, i didn't have my phone with me so didn't take photos.  i expected a lot more people to be there as it's usually a busy day.  enjoy your public holiday where ever you are, i doing the usual washing, cleaning and watching shirley bassey videos on youtube.  

just some random pics from previous posts

Sunday, 22 April 2012

it's been a while

hello.  it's been a little while since i blogged.  nothing too much has happened.  i'm having a bit of a thing with my daughter atm.  i won't go into it but it's been quite upsetting. not for the first time or last i guess.  my aunt died on Thursday (my birthday) and the funeral is on tuesday.  she was elderly and went into hospital a few days before she died.  my cousin is coming over from canberrra with her family and i haven't seen them for many years.  we are not a close family really.  i'm going to bali next monday and although not really packed i'm mostly done.  i'm looking forward to a break as it's been a yucky time since my last trip.  what with the cancer and other things ahhhh. i'm hoping a tsunami/earthquake/bomb doesn't go off while we are there. my sister's health is not good either, her blood is too thick. she's worried about it too and is booked in to see a specialist.  her son broke his collar bone at football the other day.  first game of the season.  he was booked to go to bali too and will probably  have to cancel.  it's a very bad break.  they are coming to the hospital Tuesday.  ahhh again.  on a much brighter note i had a lovely birthday.  before  it went pear shaped (daughter problems) we went to breakfast and had a nice day.  son and family gave me a dwarf meyer lemon tree in a specky pot. i will attach a photo.  we went out to lunch yesterday to celebrate.  ???   i guess it's something to celebrate still being around at my age and so far surviving the big c.  should that be C?  lol.  sorry for such a down blog.  i hope you are not about to slash your wrists coz i've depressed you.   shall i tell you a joke to brighten up the mood?  yes?  ok.  q. why did the koala fall out of the tree?  ... scroll down for answer ....

a.  it was dead.   i hope you are laughing and not thinking what a bad taste joke to tell.  i'm laughing.  

at work bird of paradise came out in flower recently.  lovely

the girls plus beetle

dil planting the lemon tree.  i hope it thrives

Thursday, 12 April 2012

elephant beach

i went back to work today after a week off.  :(  it was a short day so that's ok.  here is a pic i found on  amazing and very cute.  i didn't  know elephants liked the beach.

the pic is too small to embed.  have a look if you have time.  it's gorgeous.

Thursday, 5 April 2012


a few things have happened since my last blog.  let me fill you in...
i got my galaxy s2 at last.  i know it's bad to like a phone so much.  the only thing i don't like is the way it displays my contacts.  no biggie.  and the alarm clock doesn't work if the phone is off.  slightly bigger biggie.

i had a lovely  lunch with maz today.  we went to greek on halifax.  i love greek food.  very nice to catch up.  we exchanged christmas presents.  yes, i know that's pathetic.  we live about 10 kms from each other and speak on the phone for hours two or three times a week but we hardly ever catch up.  it's her birthday while i'm away too.  we are going to catch up when i get back. that's the plan anyway.

i saw this (photo below) at my local shops the other day but it was nothing compared to the sight  i saw at the local supermaket the same day.  i didn't have my phone handy.  a tattooed young girl in a  fairy costume.  she looked quite colourful.

please note the blue bintang tshirt on the left

i'm having the kids over tomorrow for a day or  two.  i'm looking forward to that.  i'm minding my other granddaughter on monday.  i hope my friend Carol can come over on sunday for lunch.  i can't  get used to the end of daylight saving just yet.  on sunday night i went to bed exhausted and looked at the clock and noticed it was only 9.30 pm.  unheard of for me to be in bed so early.  i worked sunday so that would  have made me tired too.  

i also noticed that the 'edit' function is back on blogger.  thank goodness for that.  

enjoy your Easter break wherever you are.  i'm lucky enough to have days off until wednesday.  lovely