Wednesday, 25 April 2012

sad stuff

the funeral yesterday went well.  it was emotional of course and very moving.  it was nice to see my cousins whom i haven't seen for ages.  years in fact.  my cousin from canberra is not well again. she had pancreas cancer.  my daughter and family came.  it was nice to see the g/kids.  ants got quite emotional.  today is my late husband's birthday, it's also Anzac day. a day that we remember the brave anzacs who gave their lives for their country.  i didn't watch the march as i always cry and i'm already a bit emotional atm.  instead, i went to the cemetery. (that sounds ridiculous i know) i took a small posy of wattle, rosemary and lavender with a few white daisies for everyone.  it is usually a bit of a trek as i visit my parents' grave, my parents in law's and of course the husband.  i can easily find mum and dad's grave and my pil are easy to find.   no so my husband's grave.  it's a bit of  a thing with our family.  i know where it is.  i line it up with the gate and some trees but it always eludes me.  so much so that i am ashamed to say i get quite pissed with it all. after looking for it for a good ten minutes i went to the office and found it on the computer and then printed out the location.  i went to pil's grave and my parents and had calmed down enough to try to find it again, this time with directions. it still took a while.  so let's hope that next time i visit his grave i'll be able to find it at least a bit faster than usual.  of course, i didn't have my phone with me so didn't take photos.  i expected a lot more people to be there as it's usually a busy day.  enjoy your public holiday where ever you are, i doing the usual washing, cleaning and watching shirley bassey videos on youtube.  

just some random pics from previous posts


  1. Sorry things are rough for you right now. I don't have any words of wisdom to make pain and loss easier to deal with, but I'm thinking of you and hoping for better days.

    1. no stephen, i'm fine really. it's all been a bit sad lately but everything's ok. thanks for your kind words though. you must have read my post just as i did it as i got your comment almost straight away. take care

  2. Catching up on your blog.
    My, you had a rough day yesterday the 25th, sometimes rough days in the end make us stronger.
    Lovely to catch up with family and extended family but not always the best place is at a funeral.
    I wish you the best, and I believe I read you are going to Bali for a long awaited holiday :)
    Have fun as I am sure you will.
    Take care xoxoxoxox

    1. hi Whiteangel, thanks for your reply. i'm good. looking forward to bali. hope you are well and happy. :) xxx

  3. Good to know you are ok...:)
    Yes, I am ok thanks..just been through a rough time with my dad, but he's much improved now and home at his house...take care xoxoxox

  4. Gosh. Firstly, Happy Birthday. Secondly, don't let anything get you down. Bali will be brilliant - just absorb all the positive energy around you.

    Happy thoughts being sent your way...


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