Friday, 27 May 2016

a honeymoon

as you know my son recently married.  he and my dil just came back from a trip to victor harbour and mount gambier.  adina stayed with her father for the week.  victor harbour is a lovely place probably about an hour and a half from adelaide.  and mount gambier is the second largest town in south australia.  it's about 17 kms from the victorian border and is largely volcanic with lovely scenery and attractions.  among them is the blue lake and the sinkhole.  it's on the limestone coast with lots of interesting caves to explore.  the blue lake is in an extinct volcano.  it's a nice drive from adelaide and there is lots to see and do.  the last time i was there was when my son was about 8.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

the supermarket that wasn't there

i am disappointed.  i found an indonesian grocery online and it was close to where i take my car to be serviced.  cool, i thought i'd either walk there whilst waiting or just go after i picked up the car.  the mechanic said i don't need a service yet even though the computer thingy on the dash was telling me to 'service now'.  in the meantime he changed a window wiper for me.  they are whiz bang clip on things and not cheap, however, they are expected to last longer than the older kind.  the old one was shredded and as it's raining today this was great.  so i moved on after the mechanic and drove to where i thought the supermarket was.  i was excited to maybe get a supply of coffee as now i have to go to the central market and atm i can only get the very small packets.  oh well.  i am pretty sure the supermarket is not there if it ever was.  i did find a bikini girl massage place and a large empty shop.  too bad.  the temp has finally dropped and it's quite cold and wet today.  winter is on it's way

Friday, 13 May 2016

how lucky am i?

i've been cleaning out kitchen cupboards and sorting etc. etc.  the usual.  i ran out of rice last week and i apparently threw out the lid of my rice container with all of the other plastic lids and containers into the recycle bin.  i also forgot to put the rubbish out the other day.  i went through the bin a while ago and voila, there was my lid.  sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.  :)  i spoke to my daughter a little while ago and she took Caiden to the hairdresser for a haircut today.  his lovely blonde, curly hair was quite long.  he looks better now and his mum said he was a good little boy and stayed still for the hairdresser.  it was his first real haircut although his other g/mother cut it once and i've cut it twice.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

i went back to the gym

after way too long.  i hope to make it a much more regular thing.  i seem to remember blogging about more me time some time ago and i've slipped back into the old and bad habits.  i will try to do better.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

mother's day

i hope you have a lovely day

Tuesday, 3 May 2016


i took my g/daughter into the city today so that she could have her braces installed.  it didn't take long.  by the time i dropped her off to her mum this afternoon she said they were starting to ache a little bit.  we had  some lunch afterwards and she was careful to eat little bites and take care chewing.  cleaning them seems to be key and we left with a care pack and numerous instructions.  i hope she gets on well with them.  they are fluro purple btw.