Monday, 16 November 2015

another houseguest

my friend from perth is in adelaide atm.  she's staying with her friend in gawler.  i'm picking her up on friday and she's going to stay with me for two nights.  she wants to go to the adelaide central market and i'm happy to oblige.  we may also have lunch with another friend at the palais at semaphore.  her plane leaves at the very civilised time of 3:00 pm on sunday.  i house sat for her last christmas when she traveled to bali, kl and singapore.  i'm looking forward to seeing her again

Thursday, 12 November 2015


i've lost a lot of fitness as i've gotten older and have finally done something about it.  i've joined strength for life.  the workout is quite stress free and has been tailored to my needs.  i've enjoyed it so far.  i go twice a week.  now all i have to do is pay more attention to my diet.  fiber is the keyword there apparently.  i had lunch with the girls today and it was lovely to catch up.

Monday, 9 November 2015

a sad story

the little birds in the nest near the front gate were doing well.  i went out yesterday and the nest was empty.  leaving the nest and learning to fly.  the nature of things.  but ...  as i walked to the car i saw the saddest little sight.  two little bodies.  devoid of life.  i wonder what happened to them.  it may have been cats, or bigger birds, or perhaps they weren't ready to leave the nest.  i don't know.  i don't think isis, my neighbour's cat, would have hurt them coz she is old and spends her time sitting in the sun in the car park.  oh dear.

Thursday, 5 November 2015


life as i know it is a bit difficult atm so i'm going to focus on the positive.  liz returned home and is recovering nicely and her daughter is pregnant with her second child so that's nice to look forward to.  it's been raining a lot here in adelaide and that's great for the garden.  i have my g/son staying with me for a few days and that's always good although he ate all of the icecream yesterday. lol.  my friend from perth is coming to stay for a day or two later this month and i'm starting the fit for life program on friday and am hoping to get some muscle strength back. the tomato plant has flowers on it and the lemon tree has numerous flowers and new growth.  my friend from work brought me over two orchids and a large indoor plant the other day.  she has numerous orchids but i only took two because chances are i'll kill them eventually but i'm hopeful that they will thrive.  :)  a pigeon/dove i've called florence has had two babies in the jasmine bush near the front gate.  i can't believe how long she sat on those eggs and how quickly the babies are developing.  they are quite cute when we sneak a look.  mum is away from the nest a bit more now.