Thursday, 29 September 2016

it's dark

the whole state of south australia experienced a power outage yesterday.  it was awful.  we had a major storm and lots of damage was done all over the state.  my roof stayed put so i'm grateful for that.  my phone was on 1% power when it happened around 4pm.  i charged it on the laptop and plugged in the landline non portable phone.  i'm glad i kept that. today the winds are extreme and i'm not sure but i think i can see a ray of sunshine peeping through.  my son's gig at the ozasia festival on sunday may or may not be cancelled.  i think they cancelled yesterday and today's events.  oh well, stay well wherever you are and i hope this wild weather goes somewhere else soon.  it seems i'm always posting about the weather

Thursday, 8 September 2016

it's a wet thursday

it was the loveliest of days yesterday.  i washed lots of bedding etc and got out in the garden for a while.  friends came over for a surprise visit so we went out to lunch.  today's weather is dismal.  rain and cloudy.  it's dark inside.  i fixed the wifi on maz's printer and because the notebook is a bit slow i'm recovering that and reinstalling  norton antivirus and office.  so far so good.  i'm going to maz's sister's birthday dinner on saturday and picking up adina on sunday afternoon as dil is working and son has another gig.  i just found a tin of baked beans in the cupboard so lunch is in order.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

printing, wifi and failure

maz recently bought a notebook and printer.  the printer supports wifi.  we set up the notebook without problems but the printer is another matter.  i tried to get it going the other day and ran out of time so yesterday she came over to do her sister's tax and left it here.  i thought if i was quiet and not rushed i could work it out.  of course, she neglected to bring the manual and software.  no problem, i thought, i can download them.  i tried to get that printer working via wifi for most of yesterday and again last night and i have given up. i got it to print normally but the wifi wasn't happening.  i'm a very patient person  but in this case i failed.  i think she should take it back to the store and get her money back.

Thursday, 1 September 2016


i've been going to the eye clinic at the royal adelaide hospital for a few months now.  the optometrist sent me there because i had a 'floater' and flashing.  they originally thought it was a detached retina but i thought they ruled that out.  the doctor today said it is still an issue, but, the good news, they are not concerned about macular degeneration.  i'm pleased about that.  the 'floater' is not as pronounced as it was, or i may be getting used to it.  and i only have the flashing occasionally.  i hate the eye clinic as it's invasive but i must say i'm grateful that they are there.  in fact today i'm feeling grateful