Sunday, 4 September 2016

printing, wifi and failure

maz recently bought a notebook and printer.  the printer supports wifi.  we set up the notebook without problems but the printer is another matter.  i tried to get it going the other day and ran out of time so yesterday she came over to do her sister's tax and left it here.  i thought if i was quiet and not rushed i could work it out.  of course, she neglected to bring the manual and software.  no problem, i thought, i can download them.  i tried to get that printer working via wifi for most of yesterday and again last night and i have given up. i got it to print normally but the wifi wasn't happening.  i'm a very patient person  but in this case i failed.  i think she should take it back to the store and get her money back.


  1. My printer is the same. Wifi worked for a short time only and now I use a cable.

  2. I had to smile at the 'printer says Nooooo" image.:-)


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