Thursday, 29 September 2016

it's dark

the whole state of south australia experienced a power outage yesterday.  it was awful.  we had a major storm and lots of damage was done all over the state.  my roof stayed put so i'm grateful for that.  my phone was on 1% power when it happened around 4pm.  i charged it on the laptop and plugged in the landline non portable phone.  i'm glad i kept that. today the winds are extreme and i'm not sure but i think i can see a ray of sunshine peeping through.  my son's gig at the ozasia festival on sunday may or may not be cancelled.  i think they cancelled yesterday and today's events.  oh well, stay well wherever you are and i hope this wild weather goes somewhere else soon.  it seems i'm always posting about the weather

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  1. We knew the storm was coming, it was on the TV and radio news, and after the previous blackout I was determined to be ready. I pre-cooked several foods that could be eaten cold, hard boiled eggs, sausages, sandwich steak, because I have an electric stove, also charged my phone and kindle fully before lunch and put new batteries in the LED camping lanterns I bought after the previous blackout, when I burned every candle I had and worried about the cat getting spooked and knocking them over. So things worked out okay for me and the power was only out 7-8 hours where I live. My sister in Port Pirie had to wait much longer for power, but she has a gas stove and hot water heater, so she could still cook, during daylight hours at least.


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