Wednesday, 29 April 2015

a broken lock and friends for lunch

Anthony went out to the car to get the shopping for me the other day and the key in the screen door snapped off.  i was not happy Jan.  however, after talking to Graham i felt much better.  he said he thought that he could either get the broken key out of the lock or take out the lock and take it to the hardware store and get a new one.  the girls came over today and Graham was able to remove the lock and knock the broken key out, replace the lock and we are good to go.  we had a nice lunch and afterwards the girls and i went over to the cemetery to photograph a headstone, belonging to our relative who was the first minister for education here in south australia, for my cousin.  i went down to the genealogical society again on tuesday and found a few more entries about my mother's family.  it's a slow process but interesting and surprisingly quite tiring.  i came home the other day and felt like i'd been at work all day.  perhaps i'm getting old  :)  oh and good news, i finally got my printer to work :)

Thursday, 23 April 2015

well that was emotional

i had a full house yesterday.  graham came over for coffee on his way to an appointment and annie and shauna came over for lunch.  my son came to jam with annie.  he brought his banjo and annie brought her piano accordion.  they had a great time.  there was an electrician here too to fix the light fitting in the upstairs landing.  it was all happening.  oh, and my dil called in on her way to work.  the girls and i went into the city to the west terrace cemetery where i found my g/father's grave in the returned soldiers section.  they were working on it getting it ready for anzac day.  it was so emotional to actually see his grave that i broke down.  the cemetery is large and very old.  we went on to find shauna's grandfather too.  on tuesday i joined the genealogical  society and found my mother's mother and grandmother's records.  it was all so tiring that i crashed early last night but was wide awake at 2 am.  :)   i'm going to get a flu shot today.  

Thursday, 16 April 2015


today i went to the movies with caz.  we saw 'the longest ride' which i really didn't want to see coz i thought it would be a soppy love story.  well, i was pleasantly surprised coz it was great (even though it is a love story).  i really enjoyed it.  alan alda and clint eastwood's son were in it.  i didn't really know who the actors were except oona chaplin and, of course, alan alda. i think it was made by the same people who did 'the notebook'.  we had a lovely day, we had lunch and after the movie we went shopping.  i got an ebay package today, it's a little gadget to go over the tap like a spout.  my kitchen tap is too short and water gets behind the taps if i don't keep an eye on it.  all fixed now though and it didn't cost much.  the garden has been enjoying the rain which is always nice.

Saturday, 4 April 2015


miss lan and i went into the market today and met up with merry and her cousin from holland.  we shopped a little bit and then had a coffee and something nice.  it was really crowded.  then merry and her cuz went into the main shopping area for some serious shopping and lanny and i went down to ikea.  i'd just been recently with my g/son but it's always nice to see what's new.  i only bought a parlour palm in a small pot that i'll repot when it settles down.  it's small but nice and healthy.  i had a lovely lunch and a uke jam yesterday with the girls, which was nice, and i'll go and see the g/kids tomorrow and give them some easter goodies.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


it's amazing this internet thing.  i have been watching the webcam from the elephant park in bali.  i've never actually been there but i've heard that some of the elephants have been rescued from parts of indonesia and are well tended.  i hope so.  the webcam has sound and you can hear the elephants trumpeting.  they are quite busy and it's a very popular tourist area. there are a lot of staff and the gardens are beautifully looked after which is a thing in bali.  they love and appreciate their gardens. 

EarthCam and Bali Adventure Tours have teamed up to deliver amazing live views of the Elephant Safari Park & Lodge, Bali's only dedicated Elephant rescue park located in the village of Taro, near Ubud. The park is owned by Australian Nigel Mason and his Balinese wife Yanie. Now you can enjoy these amazing live images of elephants from two separate cameras located in the lush gardens of this tropical paradise.