Thursday, 16 April 2015


today i went to the movies with caz.  we saw 'the longest ride' which i really didn't want to see coz i thought it would be a soppy love story.  well, i was pleasantly surprised coz it was great (even though it is a love story).  i really enjoyed it.  alan alda and clint eastwood's son were in it.  i didn't really know who the actors were except oona chaplin and, of course, alan alda. i think it was made by the same people who did 'the notebook'.  we had a lovely day, we had lunch and after the movie we went shopping.  i got an ebay package today, it's a little gadget to go over the tap like a spout.  my kitchen tap is too short and water gets behind the taps if i don't keep an eye on it.  all fixed now though and it didn't cost much.  the garden has been enjoying the rain which is always nice.


  1. I watched the trailer of this movie...will look out for it. Nicholas Sparkes wrote the book, including the Notebook, most of his books are made into movies and are good...
    I have Netflix since BigPond has given us extra data....

    1. netflix have some very good shows. I have seen the notebook but not read the book.

    2. I'm enjoying Netflix and will continue with it. I read the Notebook first and then discovered it was made into a movie so watched it.


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