Thursday, 23 April 2015

well that was emotional

i had a full house yesterday.  graham came over for coffee on his way to an appointment and annie and shauna came over for lunch.  my son came to jam with annie.  he brought his banjo and annie brought her piano accordion.  they had a great time.  there was an electrician here too to fix the light fitting in the upstairs landing.  it was all happening.  oh, and my dil called in on her way to work.  the girls and i went into the city to the west terrace cemetery where i found my g/father's grave in the returned soldiers section.  they were working on it getting it ready for anzac day.  it was so emotional to actually see his grave that i broke down.  the cemetery is large and very old.  we went on to find shauna's grandfather too.  on tuesday i joined the genealogical  society and found my mother's mother and grandmother's records.  it was all so tiring that i crashed early last night but was wide awake at 2 am.  :)   i'm going to get a flu shot today.  


  1. wow, is all i can say. I hope you are ok :-)

  2. You did have a busy day, it's lovely to have people come...
    Graveyards can be sad places....when I visit my parents there I wonder about others buried there, what their life was like, what they were like...Hope you are well....haven't had the flu injection as yet, some delay apparently.

  3. Sounds like you have been on a roller coaster ride.

  4. it's always busy. i don't know how i found the time to go to work. :)


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