Wednesday, 1 April 2015


it's amazing this internet thing.  i have been watching the webcam from the elephant park in bali.  i've never actually been there but i've heard that some of the elephants have been rescued from parts of indonesia and are well tended.  i hope so.  the webcam has sound and you can hear the elephants trumpeting.  they are quite busy and it's a very popular tourist area. there are a lot of staff and the gardens are beautifully looked after which is a thing in bali.  they love and appreciate their gardens. 

EarthCam and Bali Adventure Tours have teamed up to deliver amazing live views of the Elephant Safari Park & Lodge, Bali's only dedicated Elephant rescue park located in the village of Taro, near Ubud. The park is owned by Australian Nigel Mason and his Balinese wife Yanie. Now you can enjoy these amazing live images of elephants from two separate cameras located in the lush gardens of this tropical paradise.


  1. That's a great idea to be able to watch....something different. I expect it's in real time...


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