Saturday, 28 March 2015


i'm going to Maz's for lunch today.  she makes the best roast chicken ever with roasted garlic which is delish and potatoes.  she does a greek style chicken with lemon and herbs.  i will take some wine.  her dog has a lump on his chest that the vet was worried about.  he did a biopsy and said it's ok but to keep an eye on it for any changes.  poor little thing.  of course Maz was very upset as he is her fur baby.  he is nicer than her other dog, snoop, who used to bite my ankles and had an attitude problem.  he had health issues and was in pain apparently so that would explain his growling and biting i suppose.  just before he passed he was so loving to me.  it was amazing.  cookie is away at camp and i hope she is nice and warm as the weather has changed of late and it's been quite cold.  the sun is out today :)

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  1. Hope you had a nice lunch, the chicken reads good.
    Oh the poor dog, hope all stays ok.
    It's turned cooler down here as well, but not too cold, thank goodness.


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