Monday, 29 November 2010

a wakeup call

if this isn't one i don't know what is. as you know i have decided to cut down carbs and try to eat sensibly. don't go to my other blog, what i ate today, coz i've deserted that idea. didn't work. anyhoo, i bought a lovely old oak wardrobe recently. pic above of it in the shop. paid extra for delivery up the stairs but still a bargain i think. it's in pretty good nick. it's got a mirror on the door and tonight i changed when i got home from work. hung up my shirt (i'm so good) and left the wardrobe door ajar. shouldn't have done that coz what did i see in my wall mirror but a full back view of me. oh that wasn't pretty. yuk. at least i don't have changing room lighting in my bedroom that's the only good thing i can think of. so.... i'm glad i saw it coz it made me think that yes, i am too heavy and that spells unhealthy. not to mention unattractive. :( i had a nice healthy dinner tonight with kiwi fruit for dessert. :)

Thursday, 25 November 2010


i'm quite proud of myself atm. i have a pair of work pants which were far too big. swam on me. i took them in last night and i'm pleased with the result. fit beautifully now. they are grey and light so good for summer. bad news is that a pair of my fave three quarter pants are getting a bit snug. this is after i nearly gave them to the op shop coz they also swam on me. ooppss. time to cut down on the carbs i feel. :)

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

it's wednesday

and i am off today. from work that is. just pottering around, not doing too much. my son's mil is arriving today from cairns so he didn't come over for brekky this morning. it's so hot here. a change is expected today i think. might go shopping this arvo but first will sort out my wardrobe. declutter (again) and tidy things up a bit. nothing too strenuous :)

Sunday, 21 November 2010

harbour town

i'm going to harbour town today to try to get some fila slides. my bff went friday and got some. i'm taking my son and g/daughter. his partner is at work this arvo. it's very warm here atm.
footnote: didn't get the slides got some flojo thongs instead. super comfy.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

dinner with friends

day off today. cleaning, shopping etc, etc. also visit to the dentist which went really well as he could find nothing wrong with my tooth. clean and polish and that was it. dinner with friends at local indian restaurant which is really nice. i've eaten too much. :( i'm off to bed to start my new book. rice mother. looking forward to it. i missed my after din dins coffee tonight and it's too late now to indulge. i'll have to wait until brekky. oh well. pic is of some balinese buddhas near ubud in bali of course :)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

american $

with the exchange rate so good atm i thought i'd order some US$ from my credit union today. good rate. cost me $5 in fees. not too bad. i went to the pub tonight after work with the girls which was nice. alas, i arrived home and was disappointed to find no little parcels from ebay awaiting me. :( maybe tomorrow night ...

Sunday, 14 November 2010

i've got a little problem

with ebay. i don't buy much but those little purchases are adding up. i got a cover for my phone for a dollar. free post from honkers. how can that be wrong? don't answer that as i've already thought of three reasons. i worked today so am absolutely pooped. i'm looking forward to receiving those little parcels in the mailbox soon. i need something to look forward to ....

Sunday, 7 November 2010

it's done

always an exciting part of the trip, and not least a little stressful, is the booking of flights for a holiday. i bit the bullet last night. flights to bali booked and paid for. done. insurance quote received and will pay for that today. emailed the hotel after receiving their quote. so far so good. :) staying at the persona beach inn in poppies 1. and the best part is that my friend from perth will be there at the same time and hopefully our friend graham. the only part i'm a bit worried about is that i have to fly out a day earlier than my annual leave starts. getting leave at work is like pulling teeth so i'm just a bit concerned about that.