Wednesday, 30 July 2008

fritz fritz fritz (i'm from SA, if you are not read devon devon devon)

you won't believe this (i've used this heading before i think) but the blog that i took ages to find, the one that i spent hours and hours searching for, the blog that i missed so much when i couldn't find it, yes, that one, well the blogger has gone and made it 'invitation only'. omg. the irony is just staggering. ahhhhh

Saturday, 26 July 2008

my other blog

i've just made myself another blog. it's all about my dreams. feel free to add yours if you'd like. the link is on the right. :)

Friday, 25 July 2008

i think these were taken in china but you see this kind of thing all over asia. my favourite in bali is a family of four or five on the one bike. amazing and the best balancing act ever. necessity being the mother of invention and all that. :)

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

i found it yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

i'm so happy. happy. happy. i found the blog i lost when i re-installed and i'm so happeeeeeeeeeee. yay. i have lots of reading to catch up on. the writer is such a pain really but i love her blogs. i've been obsessing and searching for it every day. going through thousands of blogs even though i said to myself i wouldn't. i couldn't help it. exhausting. i only thought tonight that i will never find it and i should give up. but then......... yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. hahahahaha. so happy. going to bed now.
ps. pic is MY beach in bali. it's amazing. they farm seaweed there. sort of a seaplant thingy. they make cosmetics etc out of it. there's a cemetery right at the end under the temple on the cliff and a large hotel. MY tree is just about where this is taken. i want to go there again when i go back.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

physio and painkillers

cake anyone? cute hey?
hello. i hate physio. it hurts. and now i have to do it 4 times a day instead of two. simple exercises but painful. never mind. painkillers are not working terribly well but are making me fuzzy minded and forgetful. i think i may have mentioned this in a previous blog. dr said i can go back to work monday which will be interesting as i can't dress myself properly yet or drive but i'm sure i'll manage somehow. :)
i went shopping with my daughter and g/children today. both kids have been great during my recovery. i must say i don't like the way my daughter drives though. don't tell her but she's a crap driver. she sits way too close to the car in front and makes me very nervous. i make a concerted effort not to watch the road. i'm eating too much. i've just about finished the frozen pre-made meals in my freezer. some have been really delish and others not so much. i had something the other night that was in the later category. it was beef and had beans in it. that's all i know. i should have labelled them. then i had a really delicious one, i wish i knew how i made it. yummo.
i'm on the third disc of 'third rock from the sun'. oh well. i hope you are well and happy. keeping warm/cool where ever you are. :) bye

Sunday, 20 July 2008

i want one of these for my birthday please. :)
hello. how are you? i'm fine. getting better. still finding it hard to turn on taps and shower and dress myself but getting better. i'm trying to cut down on the pain medication. i'm trying for four a day instead of six. i was taking eight. too many. the other day i was really out of it. dizzy and nauseous. can't remember things (worse than usual). ahhhh i'm going nuts. my daughter has been great. my son took me to the market this morning (it was pouring) and then to a cafe for breakfast. i had a lovely time. he finally got a new phone today, he left it on the roof of the car a few months ago and it fell off (naturally). he could only use it near the airport, i know, crazy. i've been watching the dvd of 'third rock from the sun'. i love this tv show. it's great watching lots of episodes one after the other. no commercials, and besides sleeping and eating i can't do much else. i got a mad craving for chocolate tonight and as i can't drive and it is too far to walk to the shops at night i did without. ahhhhhhhh. need chocolate. anyhoo, i hope you are well. keeping warm and all that. i'm going to the specialist on tuesday to hear when i can go back to work. that will be interesting as i can't drive yet. bye

Friday, 11 July 2008


this is my shoulder. the front at least. the back is about the same. i've got texta numbers written all over the place. shoulder surgery by numbers. hahahaha. it's sore but i'm fine. my daughter came today and washed my hair and took me shopping. she's an aged carer. omg. don't say it. we went to maccas for lunch. i hate maccas. very convenient though and then to the chemist for pain medication. my granddaughter chucked the biggest yikee ever. i bought them a present each and she wanted two. to be fair hers was a jumper with princess on it for her doll so another one would have been ok but i couldn't give in to her and omg she let go. never mind. no-one died. ahahaha. i had one of my previously cooked frozen meals for tea and a bread roll. i'm about to make coffee. it's all good. :)

i'm home

hi. just a quickie. lots of pain but that's to be expected i suppose. i can type very slowly with one hand and using the mouse with the left hand. freakie. everyone has been ringing and di came over yesterday with flowers and something nice to eat. that's so kind of her. my daughter is coming over this afternoon with g/children. i'm looking forward to that. hope you are well and happy. <3

Monday, 7 July 2008

hospital in the morning

naturally i'm nervous. feel sicky poo. not to worry.
i'm still looking for that bloody blog. i can't help myself. what's the matter with me? don't answer that.
it's freezing in adelaide, we had the coldest day for three years. i got home early today and the curtain in the lounge room was billowing. the window was closed. hahaha. big draft. i've stuffed cushions in the aircon and it's a bit better but i need to fix it. actually i noticed the one in the bedroom did the same only not as much. i should get some of that tape.
so i have nothing else to mention. wish me luck and all that. i'll blog again as soon as i can. ;0 bbfn

Saturday, 5 July 2008

i had worms

in my computer. virii. gone now. took some effort though. i had to re-install windows and i was really, really careful about saving everything i'd need. i've done it quite a few times before. as usual i stuffed it up and i've lost my favourites. i saved them to my external HDD BUT..... the folder was empty. i should have checked BUT..... i'm a duffer. the trouble with this is that i used to visit a blog regularly. i've been searching the web and my computer for about three days and i'm stuffed if i can find it. i know a fair bit about this blog. i thought i knew the title, author etc. they've obviously blocked it. i just don't understand how i could get into it before and now i can't find it. oh well, it's not exactly life threateningly important. just a little hiccup. there's more important things to worry about isn't there? hope you are all well and keeping warm. the days are getting shorter as i type. it's already lighter when i leave work. i best go to bed and stop obsessing about unimportant little trifles. have a nice sunday. :)