Saturday, 28 February 2015

fringe time again

i went to the garden of unearthly delights last night with friends from work.  the city was chockers with the clipsal, the fringe and late night shopping.  we parked in one of the city car parks and walked down to the garden.  we has a delish dinner, there were lots of diverse food stalls from vegan, indian, middle eastern and lots more.  we saw two $5 shows which were good but last year's show were better.  the garden looked fantastic with fairy lights in the old ghost gums and a carnival atmosphere everywhere.  there was even a vintage clothes bus.  an old bus has been converted to a shop and they travel all over to markets and shows.  we had a great time.  the weather was quite warm with sprinkles of rain here and there making it a bit humid but quite ok.  there are photos of me trying to hit the   bell in the test your strength game.  i didn't do very well, the man let me have another go and i won a prize. omg.  we stopped at the tea bar on the way back to the car and sampled their fantastic teas which were fruity and delicious. the teapots were gorgeous and i resisted buying one.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

i'm the roadie

my son had another gig last night.  i was the lift home.  i don't know how he manages to transport all that equipment in his little beetle.  dil didn't go last night so i drove down to pick him up.  it was lovely driving last night with a nice cool breeze down by the beach as it was a stinker yesterday in adelaide.  today it's supposed to reach 40 degrees.  too hot for me but a lovely cool change is expected tomorrow.  back to my son.  he plays bass in this band.  they play stuff from led zep, pink floyd, ac/dc etc etc and once they get going they sound good.  last night there were only three of them coz ax couldn't make it.  lol.  on the drive home we came across the crowd leaving the soccer stadium.  bedlam.  my son and dil have recently given up smoking and i'm very proud.  well done.

Friday, 20 February 2015

some family history

i knew so little about my mum's father.  he died in 1932 when he was 43 years old and my mother was 10.  yesterday i went down to the port library which houses the local history collection and found my g/father's death record and his army records.  the later where so interesting.  he was ill for much of the first world war and served in gallipoli, france and egypt. he was wounded in battle and returned to the front when he recovered.  he died from consumption no doubt caused by mustard gas.  my dad's father died from the same thing, he also served in the first WW.  i was really surprised and pleased to find these records.  i also found my mum's mother's birth details.  my cousin is really into our family history and has been doing it for years.  she came with me yesterday.  so interesting.