Sunday, 22 February 2015

i'm the roadie

my son had another gig last night.  i was the lift home.  i don't know how he manages to transport all that equipment in his little beetle.  dil didn't go last night so i drove down to pick him up.  it was lovely driving last night with a nice cool breeze down by the beach as it was a stinker yesterday in adelaide.  today it's supposed to reach 40 degrees.  too hot for me but a lovely cool change is expected tomorrow.  back to my son.  he plays bass in this band.  they play stuff from led zep, pink floyd, ac/dc etc etc and once they get going they sound good.  last night there were only three of them coz ax couldn't make it.  lol.  on the drive home we came across the crowd leaving the soccer stadium.  bedlam.  my son and dil have recently given up smoking and i'm very proud.  well done.


  1. That's wonderful they have given up smoking, let's hope it lasts.
    I guess if we had to back our boots with stuff, we would do it.
    Did you survive the heat, because that is totally too hot!

  2. What mums do for their kids however old they are. Even being a roadie.


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