Tuesday, 22 January 2013

ooohh ebay day for me

three parcels arrived this morning.  how exciting.  a cherry/olive pitter (hope it works), one of those metal wallets (i read the reviews after i ordered it, they weren't good) and an xbox 360 game for my grandson.  i spoil them.  :)

Monday, 21 January 2013

broken stuff and a dead fishy

january has not been a good month for me in a few ways.  nothing serious but things keep breaking.  and dying.  yes, another fish died this morning.  :(  he's fertilizing the lemon tree now.  a few things have broken lately:

1. my mouse.  it worked when i went into the kitchen and when i came back the left button wouldn't move.  broken.
2. my camera charger.  i plugged it in the other night to charge the battery for the wedding on saturday.  it exploded.  sparks, smoke (the smell was awful) and it made sizzling noises.  very broken. i ordered another one from ebay.
3. the other night i chucked the empty washing basket down the stairs (as is my habit. why take something downstairs when you can chuck it.  most things land safely and i'm usually careful) and my golden Buddha took a tumble.  he has a few holes in him but is otherwise intact so i put him in the garden.

my lovely son came for breakfast and fitted a blockout blind to the lounge room window for me.  it looks fab. he also put a suitcase (i have too many suitcases) up on the wardrobe shelf.  it's got my cables and electrical cords etc in it.  i've been going through mountains of stuff in the spare room and have a giant bag of donations for the second hand shop.  i've also gathered three large bags of rubbish.  good job but it's still not finished.  it's getting there though. oh no, i just reread that and it sounds like my house is really full of junk.  weather is pretty good here.  was a bit damp this morning, from dew me thinks.  i was a little bit cool and almost put a cardy on.  i woke up way too early so may need to take a small nana nap this arvo.  :)  on a positive note, i have three lemons and two chilies growing nicely.  the herbs are doing quite well too.  

from pinterest

tiny and very cute panda

awww.  a cute cat pic :)

Friday, 18 January 2013

ahhh a cool change

and a very welcome one too.  42 yesterday and even downstairs was uncomfortable.  it was my half day too, so, after some veggie shopping it was home to hibernate.  couldn't do much.  no mind, i slept well and am looking forward to a workmate's wedding tomorrow afternoon.  then a few days off to sort out the spare room.  yes, i still haven't finished it.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Sunday, 13 January 2013

it's raining

it's cool and has been steadily raining for hours.  i love it

i was excited to find a link to my favourite indonesian tv channel yesterday.  too cool.
no subtitles but lots of those crazy soap operas and i just love the commercials.  the music channel has awful reception so not really watchable.  sound is ok though.  the site also has some web cams of traffic around bali but it's fairly boring after the first minute.  it rained there yesterday apparently. and a bonus is the road traffic cams all over bali.  it's too fab

my son and i fixed the shadecloth out the back.  it's patchy but practical and shades the back of the house (not upstairs) quite well.  we are going to put some auto sprinklers in which will be good.

i'm going up to pick up cookie to stay for a day or two. we may bake a cake.  :)  i had nasty migraine last week and missed work.  much better now and i will go back to work on wednesday.  :(   i've been looking at old pics i've put on picasa over the years.  mostly of bali.  i've booked for 10 days in cairns for may and may not get to bali this year.  i'm missing it like mad.  yesterday, i watched the traffic cams, drank my bali coffee and sat outside waiting for my son and g/daughter to arrive.  someone close by started cooking and the most fabulous smells wafted my way.  garlic and chili frying.  just like bali.  :)  all i needed was the smell of clove cigarettes and incense, insane traffic, ten thousand scooters and i would have been set.

i've put these photos up before i know, but here they are again

enjoy your day wherever you are

Sunday, 6 January 2013

don't even go there

recently i upgraded (that's a joke) to windows 8.  a huge mistake on my part.  it's working but it's not recognising my mousepad and more importantly my bluetooth.  and, i can't find the correct drivers for the bluetooth thingy.  i d/loaded some but they don't work.  at least the mousepad and the dvd drive are working again.  yesterday i tried to get windows 7 back.  it wasn't successful.  and, i don't think the laptop came with restore discs.  i've looked everywhere and i'm not that disorganised.  or am i?  computer is working but i'm not a happy camper. i should give it away and get a life.  they are such timewasters.

also,  most of australia is trying to cope with a heatwave atm.  yesterday was a cool change at only 32 degrees.  today it's expected to be 36 and tomorrow, my day off, it's supposed to reach 41.  it will stay like that until friday.  i'm over it.  as i'm from south australia i'm obsessed with the weather.  i think it's a south australian thing but i may be wrong.  tasmania is going through many bushfires atm.  shocking loss of lives, property and livestock. everyone is in our prayers. meanwhile, a huge river and waterfall in china has frozen over.

it's been particularly busy at work lately and the workload has been so heavy that i'm feeling my age with a sore back and knees etc.  i spose the heat doesn't help.

i've started my 'good things that happen in 2013' bowl and have two notes so far.  1) i am grateful for my family and having enough of most things, food, housing etc, (air con and a swimming pool is another matter entirely) and 2) i won lotto twice last week.  they had a special free ticket included if you bought an easypick.  i won $20 on both tickets.  that's lucky isn't it?

fish update:  no more have died but their water is looking decided pea soupish.  i've got the filter running and hoping for the best. i'll top up them up with some fresh water in a minute.   the herb garden is doing well too.  win/win

no images i'm afraid. hopefully they are on my external hdd coz that's where i saved them but i wouldn't bet on it

update: wow, finally got the bt to work.  i'm much happier now.  it only took about a week and i can add it to my good things bowl.  i'm easily amused it would seem :) also, we have had a slight reprieve re the weather.  it's not going to be quite as hot as first predicted.  see link somewhere in this post.  i forgot where i put it :)