Thursday, 25 June 2009

where have all the bloggers gone?

la la la. i take that back. i've been wondering why everyone isn't blogging much lately (could it be facebook?) or myface as i like to call it. but as i said i take that back, new post from Mandy tonight and Jo-Anne blogged again as did Margaret. Diane still blogs regularly. i love reading other's blogs. i mentioned facebook and i've been spending so much time on it lately. i'm addicted to that bloody bejewelled blitz game and must admit trying like mad to get a little closer to Mandy's amazing scores. Mandy, i don't know how you do it. please give me some hints. what am i doing wrong? something happened the other night after playing jewells that's made me rethink facebook. when i close my eyes i can still see those little jewells. wtf? does this mean i've been overdoing it? yes, afraid so. i'm trying to cut down on jewells and coffee. i drink indonesian coffee which is quite strong and very nice. i have three a day. i'm trying to cut down to two. i tell myself all the time to drink more tea. green tea is so good for you. but i don't. tonight to mix it up a bit (i'm so cutting edge) i had italian coffee instead of the usual. i know, i know. sad isn't it?

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

it's all go

lol. i've got laryngitis and bronchitis so have been home for a few days. getting better now although my voice is still croaky. my son came for breakfast today and i've just come back from shopping. i've been looking for a beach towel. yes, a beach towel. do you know how hard it is to find summer stuff in winter? the towel was half price so i'm pleased about that. ahhhh. i had a nice visit with my sister in wallaroo on the weekend. good trip up and nasty weather coming home. it's been nice and sunny this week and i've managed to get the washing dry. told you my life is a non stop excitement fest. lol. i guess i'd best sort out my messy house as i have to return to work tomorrow, a nana nap might even be in order. have a good one.

Friday, 12 June 2009

vista or xp? that is the question

i recently changed from xp to vista and really like vista but computer had a major hissy fit and i couldn't get xp back. most of my hardware wouldn't work. big problems. well, i got xp back on and computer is running beautifully. (cross fingers and toes). lol. but, i really like vista. i might put it back on and if it doesn't run very well i'll change back to xp. i'm going to wallaroo tomorrow to visit my sister. really rotten weather is forecast so i hope i don't get washed or blown away. have a great weekend where ever you are. :)

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

you are not going to believe this

but i found my painting. i wasn't even looking for it as i'd given up and accepted the fact that i left it in the hotel room in bali. it was behind my dresser and i'd folded back the mount to make it fit in the suitcase. (always too full). i've got to get a frame for it now. it's a funny size, that's why i put it behind the dresser aka the too hard basket. i should put them all on one wall and paint the frames the same colour. yes, i've been watching better homes and gardens. i went to the physio again tonight coz i have a sore back. i realise that it's because i'm slumping on the couch whilst surfing on the laptop. very bad habit. it's my son's b/day tomorrow. i think we are going to have lunch which should be nice. :)

Monday, 8 June 2009

i didn't forget you

i broke my little pot of miracles which is quite upsetting really. i've superglued it but it's noticable. don't cry over broken miracle pots i say.
my grandson stayed over on saturday night which was nice. we had a good time together. i haven't seen the g/kids for ages as they've been sick, firstly with colds/flu and then they all got whooping cough. even their father had it and he's still quite sick. they are all coughing as is everyone at work. if it's not the public it's the staff. i hate going shopping with everyone coughing and sneezing as i am paranoid that i'll get swine flu. lol. i'd love to wear a mask at work but you know. i hope you are all well and avoiding the lurgies as much as possible. it's wet and cold so i'm cleaning upstairs and have vowed not to play bejewelled blitz on facebook until i've finished cleaning. i've got the actual game but it's not the same. that one minute thing is addictive. i hate it. i am trying to post the pic of my miracle pot but blogger won't be in it. oh well, back to cleaning for me. have a great day