Monday, 8 June 2009

i didn't forget you

i broke my little pot of miracles which is quite upsetting really. i've superglued it but it's noticable. don't cry over broken miracle pots i say.
my grandson stayed over on saturday night which was nice. we had a good time together. i haven't seen the g/kids for ages as they've been sick, firstly with colds/flu and then they all got whooping cough. even their father had it and he's still quite sick. they are all coughing as is everyone at work. if it's not the public it's the staff. i hate going shopping with everyone coughing and sneezing as i am paranoid that i'll get swine flu. lol. i'd love to wear a mask at work but you know. i hope you are all well and avoiding the lurgies as much as possible. it's wet and cold so i'm cleaning upstairs and have vowed not to play bejewelled blitz on facebook until i've finished cleaning. i've got the actual game but it's not the same. that one minute thing is addictive. i hate it. i am trying to post the pic of my miracle pot but blogger won't be in it. oh well, back to cleaning for me. have a great day


  1. My two have woken today with colds also...Looks like more time off school....
    Between that game and Farmtown I hardly find time to do anything I have an excuse at the moment , housework is limited to my injury....My excuse and i`m sticking o a good week and try and stay healthy....

  2. I know when I brake things I get annoyed with myself and sometimes then my girls will for some unknown reason think I am angry with them.

    Whooping Cough is such a terrible thing, never had it but have been tested a few times for it as the doc thought at the time it sounded like I had it.

  3. Bad luck about the pot. You might discover another one in a garage sale. I do the same as you. I'm not alowed to play (blogging) until I've done the day's chores. The weather is nice here but I can't garden yet as my tummy is still sore after the op.

  4. Yes bad luck with the breakage....whooping cough can be nasty and the swine flu appears to be out of control.....I wonder why the "worries" from authorities when those who have had it in Australia claim has affected them as mild flu? I am a little worried about their worry?

    Kind regards,


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