Wednesday, 17 June 2009

it's all go

lol. i've got laryngitis and bronchitis so have been home for a few days. getting better now although my voice is still croaky. my son came for breakfast today and i've just come back from shopping. i've been looking for a beach towel. yes, a beach towel. do you know how hard it is to find summer stuff in winter? the towel was half price so i'm pleased about that. ahhhh. i had a nice visit with my sister in wallaroo on the weekend. good trip up and nasty weather coming home. it's been nice and sunny this week and i've managed to get the washing dry. told you my life is a non stop excitement fest. lol. i guess i'd best sort out my messy house as i have to return to work tomorrow, a nana nap might even be in order. have a good one.


  1. Sorry to hear you are not well. Take care and get better soon. We all have those exciting weeks.

  2. Hope you are feeling better by the time you get to read this.

    I know what you mean about buying summer stuff in winter same goes for buying winter stuff in summer.

  3. thanks guys, feeling much better and at least it wasn't swine flu. lol. Fran

  4. So much going around at the moment...The kids had a viral thing last week....
    Glad to hear though you are getting better....I hate getting sick...

    There`s lots of bargains around....Did my winter clothes shopping for the kids and hubby yesterday and got quite a bit for my money...That should keep them happy for a while....
    Have a good week...

  5. mandy, yes everyone has sales on. always good.

  6. Yes, I do know how hard it is to find summer gear in the winter time. I wear sandals in the winter and it's impossible to buy them where I live. So at the moment I only have one lot of everyday sandals to wear. I do hope you are feeling much better now.


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