Thursday, 25 June 2009

where have all the bloggers gone?

la la la. i take that back. i've been wondering why everyone isn't blogging much lately (could it be facebook?) or myface as i like to call it. but as i said i take that back, new post from Mandy tonight and Jo-Anne blogged again as did Margaret. Diane still blogs regularly. i love reading other's blogs. i mentioned facebook and i've been spending so much time on it lately. i'm addicted to that bloody bejewelled blitz game and must admit trying like mad to get a little closer to Mandy's amazing scores. Mandy, i don't know how you do it. please give me some hints. what am i doing wrong? something happened the other night after playing jewells that's made me rethink facebook. when i close my eyes i can still see those little jewells. wtf? does this mean i've been overdoing it? yes, afraid so. i'm trying to cut down on jewells and coffee. i drink indonesian coffee which is quite strong and very nice. i have three a day. i'm trying to cut down to two. i tell myself all the time to drink more tea. green tea is so good for you. but i don't. tonight to mix it up a bit (i'm so cutting edge) i had italian coffee instead of the usual. i know, i know. sad isn't it?


  1. I am not into facebook for some reason, haven't worked out why I'm not. Do go for it and enjoy it. I don't drink coffee at all, don't like it but I do drink a cuppa have 2 of those each day. Most coffee places only serve coffee, and I often wonder if I am missing out on something :)

  2. hi Margaret, facebook is such a time waster and i'm guilty of that. i love my coffee but too much is not good for you. my mum drank nothing but tea and lots of it. it's on list of stuff i should do. lol

  3. It's said, anything in moderation is ok :)

  4. I have a facebook account but rarely get onto it just never seem to find the time. There are so many things I want to do each day or need to do.

    Like Margaret I do not drink coffee and I don't drink tea although I do like the taste of tea and have drunk it if I have been somewhere that only have tea of coffee. My drink of choice is Hot Chocolate I love Hot Chocolate.


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