Sunday, 25 April 2010

anzac day

a time to remember. not just those who gave their lives to defend their country but also my late husband. it's his birthday today. always rains on anzac day doesn't it? well in adelaide at least. i went with my son and family to a friend of theirs who sells ex office plants. they are gorgeous and very well priced. i bought two for twenty dollars. one is a kentia palm and he said the other is a happy plant. it's large. they look good on the veranda and need to be under shade cloth or inside. after buying the plants and doing some shopping i then went to the cemetery. each time i go, which i admit is not often, i can't find my husbands grave. now i know that sounds terrible. i make mental notes but each time it eludes me. so after about ten minutes i finally found him and did my thing. whilst there is it crazy not to visit the graves of my parents and his parents. they are all at enfield cemetery and as far apart as possible so it takes a while. unfortunately i left my floral tributes at home. drrrrr. oh well. i was supposed to have cookie, my grand daughter, yesterday but her mum rang to say something came up so i missed out. i won't be able to have her again until i get back from bali. they've given me their lists of presents to buy. lego transformers and hannah montana. ahhhhhh really. oh well, if that's what they want. my daughter submitted the paper work last week for my g/son to go to high school. omg now if that doesn't make me feel old i don't know what does. :)