Sunday, 26 April 2009

high tea

we had a lovely, if sticky, afternoon. weather was wild and wooly to say the least. nearly got blown away trying to walk from the carpark to the hotel. we were on a long table facing the window which was good. we saw a few brides being photographed outside parliament house across the road. poor things must have been freezing. tea was lovely, lots of sandwiches, quiches, curry puffs, tarts, pies, scones, jam and cream, champers, tea and coffee of course and soft drinks. good company too. my granddaughter looked gorgeous in her pretty pink billowy frock with a lovely little sheer long sleeve jacket on top and then to go outside her jacket. she had the little gold ballet slippers on i bought for her last weekend. they looked lovely. her mum did her hair with a plait down the back and the rest of her hair loose. she looked gorgeous. yes, i know i've said that before. i bought her a chinese jade bracelet which fitted beautifully but she broke it. i let her wear my jade necklace to match and she broke that too. the necklace is fixable. i didn't see what she was doing when she broke it but she said she was dancing. oh well. i took her home last night and was exhausted by the time i got home. we had a lovely day, well worth it. i recommend it for a special occasion.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

unexpected developments

i haven't posted for a week or so as have been flat chat. work is rather hectic atm. well my surprise last night has been postponed because Maz's mother is in hospital. she suffers from dementia, borderline schitzophenia (sp.) and alzheimer's and to top that off she has jaw cancer. she's had a massive op. where they've taken a skin graft from her wrist, a bone craft from her arm and a muscle graft from her thigh to repair her tongue. can you imagine how painful that is? Maz is as you can imagine beside herself with worry and needs some tlc. poor little thing. she can't sleep or eat and her mum can't even talk and she's aggressive towards the staff probably because she doesn't know where the hell she is and is terrified. she'll be in intensive care for at least a week then after three weeks in hosp. she'll be taken to a nursing home. so ... on a happier note the girls from work are going to the stanford plaza today for high tea. of course it's raining coz it's anzac day and my late husband's birthday. always rains on anzac day. my grand daughter is going and there will be three other little girls going too. twelve adults altogether. i'm excited but still haven't decided what to wear. better get upstairs and decide, like now! hahahahaha. hope your weekend is great and you enjoy it.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

a birthday surprise

Maz rang this morning and we were going to go to the revolting restaurant at glenelg for high tea. this must be the latest thing. high tea. basically afternoon tea. everyone's doing it atm. it's an antiquated upper class english thing which is really off, however, the girls at work and i are going to the stanford on north terrace for high tea next week. anyway, the rev. restaurant was 48$. hmmm, bit much for cakes and tea/coffee, not even savouries (which IS high tea), so we dropped that idea. then she told me she's arranged a surprise location. it sounds intriguing. doesn't open till 8:00 pm. wear casual clothes, we'll be sitting very close together, it's not dinner but there will be food, it will take quite a while as i won't get home till 1:30 am ish. Maz has been there three times. she said i'll never guess. i'm trying not to think about it too much coz i don't want to guess and spoil the surprise. it's near adelaide. i wonder what it is???????????????

Thursday, 16 April 2009

i'm going to cairns

yay. it's all paid for and set in cement. sort of. it's only for a week but i've never been to queensland so i'm excited. only problem is the return flight which leaves cairns at 6:30 am. yes, am. omg. but it should be good. direct flights both ways which is really good. i know it's expensive to do touristy things there but we will watch the pennies and just do a few. i'd like to go to the rain forest walk thing where you are walking on a bridge type arrangement above the rain forest. my birthday on sunday so going out to lunch, not sure where yet. and, i was truly fortunate to receive not one but two parcels via the mail this week. early presents. very exciting getting a parcel in the mail. i haven't opened the one from my sister yet, i'll save that for the birthday. the girls at work are taking me to the stanford on north terrace for high tea in a week or so, so that should be spesh. trouble is i've got absolutely nothing to wear. nothing at all. so that's it for me for the moment. the pic is of a ring i found on etsy that i really like. trouble is i need another ring like i need another hole in the head. not at all. but i like it. it would be better in silver or white gold though.

Sunday, 12 April 2009


oh dear. i've OD on Shirley Bassey. i know, i know, not so cool to some. she's my passion, i've been a fan for %(^*&)(*^ years, which is a long time. my mother had all her records and now i do too. i never tire of her. the voice, the power, the emotion. i've been putting vinyl on to CD as you know and i have to ask myself how much SB is too much. the drama, love lost, yearning, longing, passion, loss etc etc, it's all too much. plus i had a glass of wine this arvo and it went directly to my head and didn't pass go. i spose the antibiotics i'm on could be a factor. drrrr. oh well, c'est la vie or whatever. i should put some offspring on or ac/dc. that would cure me and bring me back from the brink of the emotional waterfall i'm going over at 1000 kph without a helmet or indeed a life jacket. also, i guess i'd better eat something besides a hot x bun. but i do love me some DSB

Friday, 10 April 2009

a little visitor

i'm still sickypoo. a bit better i think, i have medication now. it's been a lazy day really. my son is trying to organise my music files with itunes and god knows there are fifty million of them, ditto images. i've got them on an external drive which is good but oh so many files. he also put some LPs (vinyls) on cd (mp3) for me which is absolutely bloody amazing as i can't get them anymore. who plays vinyls anymore anyway? not me. i've got two record players but never use them. he downloaded a free program and just used a cord to connect it to the computer. it's an amazing thing. the program also records anything that you can play on the computer. anyhoo, as i'm still sick i sat outside with a coffee and a hot cross bun looking at the garden and thinking that i still haven't planted the sweet pea seeds so i thought i'd move a pot to give me some room and there he was. a baby blue tongue lizard. i know it was a blue tongue coz he was showing it to me while he hissed frantically. i held on to the clothes line to get on to the cement and he disappeared. it was like seconds. then i thought well i can't go in there lifting pots and moving things coz he's in there somewhere and he'll eat me. no seriously, i'm not really that scared of them (esp. babies). he ran away and he was tiny (only about 15cms). and there i was all this summer thinking wow i haven't seen a lizard all season. what's with that? usually there's quite a few around the place. so that's my little (minuscule) adventure for today. have a great easter break everyone. rest, relax and enjoy. btw, the image is gorgeous isn't it?

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

i'm sick

sickypoo. had a day in bed today. it's sort of a sinus chesty thing. not coughing or sneezing. my son and granddaughter had it last week and i think i caught it from them. have massive headache. it's my day off tomorrow so hope i improve by then. my cousin came over sunday so that was nice. other than that nothing much has happened really. nothing exciting at least.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

drip drip drip

my son came over to henna my hair today (good son). all good. mixed it up last night with vinegar so you can imagine how it smelt. strong. we had bacon and eggs for brekky and his partner and step daughter came over too. i took my car in to get fixed as lately it's been refusing to start after i drive somewhere and park, usually when it's hot weather. last night i went to the garage up the road to fill up and it happened again. luckily (or not but that's another story) my garage fix it man is practically next door so i walked up and made an appointment for today. sooooo, i took the car up before my son came over this morning. later i rang and the car was ready so went to pick it up and thought to myself i probably should go to the shops. so i did. i had a shower hat on top of the henna and put a summer hat on top of that. well, it was a hot day today and very hot in the car. you guessed it, i started to glow (horses sweat :)) and felt a worrying drip drip drip. sure enough i had started to leak. luckily i had some tissues with me and proceeded to mop up the brown lines going down my face and neck. lots and lots of it. i didn't stay long at the shops as it was just too awful for words. funnily enough, no-one gave me a second look. when i got home i rinsed it off over the bath and then jumped in the shower to finish the process. g_d it's messy and this lot of henna was more sandy that the previous one, it was a different colour too and had more leafy stuff in it. what i have to do to stay this beautiful, it's hard work. btw, the henna is supposed to be excellent for dandruff and kills head lice. not that i had any of either you understand. anyway, it's a great colour and i'm very happy with it.