Thursday, 16 April 2009

i'm going to cairns

yay. it's all paid for and set in cement. sort of. it's only for a week but i've never been to queensland so i'm excited. only problem is the return flight which leaves cairns at 6:30 am. yes, am. omg. but it should be good. direct flights both ways which is really good. i know it's expensive to do touristy things there but we will watch the pennies and just do a few. i'd like to go to the rain forest walk thing where you are walking on a bridge type arrangement above the rain forest. my birthday on sunday so going out to lunch, not sure where yet. and, i was truly fortunate to receive not one but two parcels via the mail this week. early presents. very exciting getting a parcel in the mail. i haven't opened the one from my sister yet, i'll save that for the birthday. the girls at work are taking me to the stanford on north terrace for high tea in a week or so, so that should be spesh. trouble is i've got absolutely nothing to wear. nothing at all. so that's it for me for the moment. the pic is of a ring i found on etsy that i really like. trouble is i need another ring like i need another hole in the head. not at all. but i like it. it would be better in silver or white gold though.


  1. Everything sounds hunky dory in your life at the moment, Savour it, enjoy it, run with it and have fun.

  2. thanks Diane, you know your comment got me thinking and although i don't have much money, i work hard for what i do have, i don't have the love of my life to share my life with, i certainly don't have my looks or god knows my figure and my health could be better BUT i do have lots to be grateful for. gorgeous g/children, two kids, who when it all boils down could be a lot worse. i have enough food and somewhere safe to sleep and a job that i don't hate (most of the time). i don't know if it's that bloody big birthday looming but i am grateful for so many things. maybe it's true that as you age (ahhhhhh) you do see through the bs and things differently. of course it could be listening to too much shirley bassey and the fact that i'm off the hrt and a bit emotional atm. oh dear, this is turning into another blog. sorry. i'll go now

  3. You have a wonderful time Fran, you deserve it as you say you have worked hard to save the pennies....
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow and I hope the day turns out lovely for you...
    Enjoy my friend and have the best damn time...

  4. Mandy, thank you my friend. :)


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