Friday, 10 April 2009

a little visitor

i'm still sickypoo. a bit better i think, i have medication now. it's been a lazy day really. my son is trying to organise my music files with itunes and god knows there are fifty million of them, ditto images. i've got them on an external drive which is good but oh so many files. he also put some LPs (vinyls) on cd (mp3) for me which is absolutely bloody amazing as i can't get them anymore. who plays vinyls anymore anyway? not me. i've got two record players but never use them. he downloaded a free program and just used a cord to connect it to the computer. it's an amazing thing. the program also records anything that you can play on the computer. anyhoo, as i'm still sick i sat outside with a coffee and a hot cross bun looking at the garden and thinking that i still haven't planted the sweet pea seeds so i thought i'd move a pot to give me some room and there he was. a baby blue tongue lizard. i know it was a blue tongue coz he was showing it to me while he hissed frantically. i held on to the clothes line to get on to the cement and he disappeared. it was like seconds. then i thought well i can't go in there lifting pots and moving things coz he's in there somewhere and he'll eat me. no seriously, i'm not really that scared of them (esp. babies). he ran away and he was tiny (only about 15cms). and there i was all this summer thinking wow i haven't seen a lizard all season. what's with that? usually there's quite a few around the place. so that's my little (minuscule) adventure for today. have a great easter break everyone. rest, relax and enjoy. btw, the image is gorgeous isn't it?


  1. Hi Fran, yes the image is gorgeous...
    No good you`re still not well...I tell you so many bugs and virus`s getting around at the moment...
    In this house if you mention the words LP`s or vinyls I swear my kids think you are talking a different lingo...They have no
    I giggled when you were talking about the baby blue tongue...We had one ourselves during the summer and i`m not a nature lover when it comes to these sorts of creatures....And they can bloody hurt if they bite...
    Well i`ve rambled on enough today...Enjoy the rest of the easter break and I do hope you start to feel better...Nice day for sitting outside...

  2. I had a large collection of records which I gave away and it is only because I had them here for so long that my girls know what a record is.

    Funny though the next generation will have no idea what they are along with video tapes.

    Hope you are starting to feel a bit better this afternoon.

  3. Sorry to hear you are sickypoo. Hope you get better over Easter. Eat chocolate. We gave away and threw away heaps of records years ago but I bet they will be worth a lot of money in a few years as antiques.

  4. antiques. ahhhh funny. actually my son has some newish ones. frank zappa. they cost a fortune too. collectors items apparently. who knew? i agree most young people today wouldn't know what they were. i'm sure my g/children don't know. the cat used to use mine as a scratching post so they are not in great condition. i have a star wars one that might be worth something.

  5. hope the bug has nicked off now Fran....Chocolate would of helped! that pic is too cool!! and as for records I LOOOOOVE them two favs are The Craps Date with Elvis awesome music badass cover & Arrival by Abba...I always put it on at parties...people may roll their eyes at first but they end up dancing! A friend of my Mum's just gave me an old Gene Vincent Record too...Love it! he was so hot...I have a bit of a fetish for tragic Rockabilly that weird?...Eddie Cochran Buddy Holly...anyway! great blog! Get well and if you are well hurray! xx

  6. the Cramps!!! the Cramps!! not the Craps!! omg...that was my worst typo yet!!!!! gah!

  7. lmao. cramps. :) you can't have too much rockabilly hot dudes really. i love buddy holly too and eddie well ... what can i say? bugs are sorta kinda gone. nearly all better now and yes, the chocolate was the deciding factor. a def. cure all.


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