Sunday, 26 April 2009

high tea

we had a lovely, if sticky, afternoon. weather was wild and wooly to say the least. nearly got blown away trying to walk from the carpark to the hotel. we were on a long table facing the window which was good. we saw a few brides being photographed outside parliament house across the road. poor things must have been freezing. tea was lovely, lots of sandwiches, quiches, curry puffs, tarts, pies, scones, jam and cream, champers, tea and coffee of course and soft drinks. good company too. my granddaughter looked gorgeous in her pretty pink billowy frock with a lovely little sheer long sleeve jacket on top and then to go outside her jacket. she had the little gold ballet slippers on i bought for her last weekend. they looked lovely. her mum did her hair with a plait down the back and the rest of her hair loose. she looked gorgeous. yes, i know i've said that before. i bought her a chinese jade bracelet which fitted beautifully but she broke it. i let her wear my jade necklace to match and she broke that too. the necklace is fixable. i didn't see what she was doing when she broke it but she said she was dancing. oh well. i took her home last night and was exhausted by the time i got home. we had a lovely day, well worth it. i recommend it for a special occasion.


  1. Well it looks like you celebrated your birthday in high style. Good for you. It was a great idea of your friend Maz. Everthing looks delicous including your granddaughter. Happy Birthday.

  2. hi Diane, how are you? no, high tea isn't the surprise. some work mates and i did afternoon tea yesterday. Maz's mum is really ill so we have postponed the surprise. Fran

  3. The soft pink looks particularly fetching on the beautiful coloring of your grand daughter's hair and skin....Grandchildren are a joy and we tend to forgive them breaking they already have our hearts.

    lizzie b.

  4. Happy Birthday for the other day! That is just too adorable for words! :D how fun! Your Granddaughter will remember these outings forever ...I still think about My Grandma taking tea with me :) so good to read your blog again see you later chickie

  5. How I used to love dressing my daughter up in the pink frilly dresses...I miss those days...
    Glad to hear you had a lovely time even though the weather was dreadfulll...Haven`t we had some rain????
    I must remember doing something different like this...


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