Sunday, 12 April 2009


oh dear. i've OD on Shirley Bassey. i know, i know, not so cool to some. she's my passion, i've been a fan for %(^*&)(*^ years, which is a long time. my mother had all her records and now i do too. i never tire of her. the voice, the power, the emotion. i've been putting vinyl on to CD as you know and i have to ask myself how much SB is too much. the drama, love lost, yearning, longing, passion, loss etc etc, it's all too much. plus i had a glass of wine this arvo and it went directly to my head and didn't pass go. i spose the antibiotics i'm on could be a factor. drrrr. oh well, c'est la vie or whatever. i should put some offspring on or ac/dc. that would cure me and bring me back from the brink of the emotional waterfall i'm going over at 1000 kph without a helmet or indeed a life jacket. also, i guess i'd better eat something besides a hot x bun. but i do love me some DSB


  1. well I am glad you love Shirley, I love Shirley, Aretha, Ella, Nina, all my girls! I love big rich voices...
    enjoy your music!

  2. hi Starry, me too. we both have great taste. i love mz nina simone.

  3. You just can`t help yourself
    Yes naughty girl alcohol and antibiotics are not a good combination...
    Hope you are feeling better though...
    This house isn`t into Hot Cross Buns..Don`t know why..I buy them and they sit here going to waste...
    Did you see the Orange Spot Bakery was voted for best Hot cross buns..I used to love going in there for there pasties...Best damn pasty ever...

  4. hi mandy, i haven't been to the orange spot for ages. don't go to glenelg much these days. i love hot x buns. i'm feeling heaps better today. work tomorrow. ahhhh. i'm going to cook a shepherd's pie today. mince is thawing as i type. :) Fran

  5. Funny I don't have anything of Shirley's but I LOVE Nina Simone, and Ella Fitzgerald, Eartha Kitt, Mahalia Jackson and probably so many more I am yet to hear!

  6. hi Tazar, i haven't heard from you for ages. yes, i love nina, eartha and all the other great singers of that era. powerful voices and moving lyrics. shirley sings every song as if she's lived it. all the passion and drama etc. i love it. Fran

  7. Well at least you OD on good music not some of the rubbish that passes for music now days.....


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