Tuesday, 25 October 2016

it's been a while hasn't it?

i've been busy.  i'm supposed to be going to perth on the 4th but i've come down with a fluey thing.  i'm going to the doctor this afternoon.  my friend is in adelaide visiting with her other adelaide friends and will be here on the 2nd.  i'm concerned i won't be well enough to fly.  oh well.  i got a new coffee press thingy.  it's wonderful.  my coffee cup no longer has a thick layer of grounds on the bottom.  it's lovely.  it's called an aeropress and is very easy to use and clean.  it's great and you know how much i like my coffee.  :)  i took cookie to see a movie the other day.  miss peregrine's school for peculiar children.  cookie enjoyed it and we had a hot chocolate afterwards.  she slept over on friday night.  i love making breakfast for her as she is not fussy and eats just about anything i cook.  she loves spag bol and that's easy to make.  i bought some icecream this afternoon coz i'm sick and that will make me feel much better.  :)

Monday, 3 October 2016

washing machine

i've always been frustrated that my 4.5kg front loader washing machine could not handle washing a quilt or a blanket or anything large really and i had to use the laundromat or take them to a friend.  the other day i took possession of a 9.5kg top loader washing machine that a friend no longer needed because she upgraded (to a front loader).  well it's been interesting.  i've had several unbalanced load messages which never happened in the old front loader.  it wasn't an electronic model and was 16 years old and still in perfect condition btw.  this one is electronic and it's taken me a few washes to sort it out.  but now i'm able to wash all of my quilts and blankets.  at least i could if the weather wasn't so wet.  i can wait.

Sunday, 2 October 2016


my son's band performed on the main stage at the ozasia festival today and it was great.  i know i am biased but they really were fantastic.  the crowd loved them and they gave us an encore.  it's the first time i've heard the new lineup of nine, including a trumpet player, and i was really glad i went.  the rain held off until i was on my way home so that was good.  there were so many food stalls and i had a really strong vietnamese iced coffee so sleep may elude me tonight.  lol.  i was lucky enough to come across a stall featuring a japanese calligrapher from melbourne who was wonderful.  the paper he was using was purchased by his father in japan 40 years ago.  that's special.  i had a go and my efforts were awful.  i used to be really good at calligraphy including hebrew and chinese believe it or not. but. as they say, use it or lose it, and i have indeed lost it.