Monday, 3 October 2016

washing machine

i've always been frustrated that my 4.5kg front loader washing machine could not handle washing a quilt or a blanket or anything large really and i had to use the laundromat or take them to a friend.  the other day i took possession of a 9.5kg top loader washing machine that a friend no longer needed because she upgraded (to a front loader).  well it's been interesting.  i've had several unbalanced load messages which never happened in the old front loader.  it wasn't an electronic model and was 16 years old and still in perfect condition btw.  this one is electronic and it's taken me a few washes to sort it out.  but now i'm able to wash all of my quilts and blankets.  at least i could if the weather wasn't so wet.  i can wait.


  1. We used to have a front load washing machine several years ago but now top load these days, prefer top load.
    Enjoy your machine.

  2. That is handy to have. I have just washed sheets, pillow cases, quilt covers and towels for nine people. It took two days. I have a front loader but it takes 7 kg.

  3. I went back to te top loader, after having a front loader for ages. I love a large capacity machine and being able to wash blankets! yay

  4. Hi, I'm River. I've had the same front loader for about 21 years now and the only thing I CAN'T wash in it is the queen size feather quilt that is too thick since I added extra feathers from a quilt that was wearing out. I'll never go back to a top loader. Front loaders are now available in larger capacity sizes, do a quick online check and see what's out there, just for comparison sake.


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