Saturday, 27 October 2007


i spent most of the arvo in bed. i woke too early (as usual) and felt so tired. took some lemonade over to kim, who can walk around now and is over the nausea from the anaesthetic. she is doing well, she's in pain but said she can cope with it. her gardener and his wife arrived as i was leaving. as i said i spent most of the arvo in bed. why is it easier to sleep in the daytime? wish i could sleep that deeply at night. i'm watching jimi hendrix: live at some festival. i forget which one. maybe woodstock. ahhh jimi. guitar god extraordinaire. love to hear the rain and thunder and lightning tonight. some of the thunderbolts shook the house. i did some washing today (no tissues yay) and it dried quickly. tonight i watched the doco long road to heaven about the bali bombing (first one). it was not a well done piece but still interesting to watch. that's my fabulously interesting day. :( didn't see the g/children but that's ok. will work tomorrow for a few hours. take care and have a great sunday. :)

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

tastes like chicken

i took my friend Kim to the hospital today. she was nervous which is totally understandable. i just rang her husband but no answer so he may still be at the hospital. i will ring in a minute and see if she is still there. we weren't sure if she would stay in tonight or not. Kim talked me into getting a microwave-convection oven recently. well, it is not user friendly to say the least. i had to get my friend to come over and see if he could work it any better than me. so that's sorted. i put it on convection and it smelt funny and smoked. oh dear, well tonight i actually cooked one of those chicken roast things from the chicken place. it was sucessful and it didn't explode or blow up the kitchen. all is good. easy to clean too. i just did the dishes and must prepare for work tomorrow. grotty has been visiting my blog today. i think she's bored and when i last looked mandy hadn't blogged today. i think she's with her sister. i'm thinking of you girl and saying a prayer for you and your sister. i hope it all goes well. more later.
update: kim is staying in hospital tonight. she's ok though.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

nothing in particular

i'm watching the gilmore girls dvd again. it's great. i think it's ahead of the tv. i have a bad feeling about Lorelei and Luke's wedding. i hope it works out. i'm taking Kim to the hospital tomorrow. she's quite nervous naturally, i hate having anything done in hospital. it's not major surgery so everything should be ok. i'm hoping to see the g/children on saturday. i didn't see them last w/end so am looking forward to that. i saw a chinese movie when i was home the other day. i had to have a root canal. i had a abscess. yuk, very painful. anyway, this chinese movie was on tv and i missed most of it. i d/loaded it and guess what? no subtitles. drrrrr. my chinese isn't that great. i guess i'll see if i can hire it from a dvd shop. i'm thinking of buying a bicycle. don't laugh. i think it would be great to go to the shops and library etc. the woman next door just bought a scooter. when my husband was alive we both had a scooter, he used to take our daughter on his. it is the best fun on a scooter. the only thing wrong with it is the traffic doesn't take too much notice of you. this is the only drawback. that and in summer it's a bit hot and it's not quite as much fun in the rain. i used to have one when i was a teenager (a hundred years ago). :( maybe i should get a scooter. i'll think about that a bit longer. no hurry.

Monday, 22 October 2007

a new post

i'm watching a dvd of the gilmore girls. i think it's the last episode of series 6. it's sad. i'm totally lost and don't know what episode i'm watching in that i don't know where it fits with what's currently on the teev. on sunday i was watching the dvd and at the same time the teev episode was on so i missed half of that and watched the rest. are you confused yet? i am. i love that show. which means that it will probably finish never to be seen again. all of my favourite shows finish just when i get into them. ie. sex and the city. i like desperate housewives but it's not quite as good as satc. i'm having a glass of wine as i type. better than another cup of coffee. i'm trying to cut down. my friend kim just rang. i'm taking her to the hospital on wednesday coz she's having knee surgery. i've been there and done that. she's all prepared, cooked food, shopped, made a bed downstairs, hired a walker (the kind with wheels, not a person). everything's organised.

Sunday, 21 October 2007

blogs schmogs

i just realized that if i had all the time i have spent on the internet, esp. blogs, i would have so much free time and probably a few less wrinkles. i've had to sign up for this again as i can't log on to the last one, even though i've tried every user name and password i have used in the last 10 years. well, not quite but close. it's hot today so i've spent most of the day inside. i washed a tissue in with my washing yesterday and had to wash everything again twice.
i am madly in luv with dustin nguyen. i saw little fish last night and it was good. i like cate blanchett. she's lovely and a great actress. i'll try to post a pic of dustin. (unfortunate name, maybe his movie producer father was a fan). more later