Saturday, 29 December 2007

i got a new bike

very good news from mandy this week. chookers mandy. you deserve things to go well for a change. i hope it continues.

i'll get the complaints out of the way first. IT'S HOT. i hate the heat. for some obscure reason i cope quite well with it in bali but not here. moist heat and dry heat i suppose. my skin is much better over there too. not so dry.

my g/friend maz, has a job interview this week so i'm wishing her chookers.

i'm going to the chemist to get weighed soon but i'm not hopeful as i had pudding for xmas lunch and some chocolates. yes, i know that's terrible. :) we'll see.

i hope to see the kids this arvo. my daughter is moving next week. have you noticed that supermarkets don't have cardboard cartons anymore? i guess you could ask as they may be in the back. i'm hoping they settle in well and things go ok for them.

they are advertising a duster on the teev for only $60 something dollars, plus $20 delivery. omg. i wonder if people buy those things.

big news. i got a bike, that's a pic of it. it's got lots of gears and one day i may use some of them. it's red so it goes fast, except when i ride it that is. old people on bikes probably not a good look. i have to put it in my dining room coz it won't fit in the shed, besides the lizards might poop on it. i wouldn't mind a scooter. i had one when i was a teenager, loved it. then my late husband and i had one each. he used to take our daughter on his. i love them. the woman next door got one recently. she's scared of it. i must say the traffic takes no notice of you on a scooter. you have to be doubly careful. but the benefits far outweigh the negatives. you can park just about anywhere, it cost didley squat to fill with fuel. you can wait at the lights behind buses and inhale. ahhhhh. love bus fumes. negatives include being out in the weather, both hot and rain and insects. i got stung by a bee once and it hurt like hell. it went inside my shirt and stung me on the neck. it was red and angry for months. the man in the shop asked me if it was a love bite. how embarrassing. i was sad to sell them when my husband died. anyway back to my bicycle, maz gave it to me. i know, she insisted. she can't ride but had visions of riding to work etc etc. i will give her some money for it. may have to buy a gift voucher. she won't take anything for it. i will force her.

last night i dreamt that i was in bali and i rang my b/friend and he didn't want to talk to me. i was so upset. i could hear him and he told his friend to say he wasn't there. recently i've started dreaming of arriving in bali and wtf it's port pirie (a really feral town up north, hot and dry and not pleasant). stress dreams i suppose. once i dreamt i went to bali and it was semaphore. (lovely seaside suburb of adelaide where lots of lesbians live). i have the weirdest dreams, it's like i'm on some mind altering drug trip.

Sunday, 23 December 2007

a sad tale - a bit weird too

my friend maz came over yesterday and we had greek coffee and exchanged presents. She gave me a gorgeous sock for my phone, pink with cats embroidered on it. So cute, and an angel sitting on a unicorn in glass. Very lovely. I gave her an amethyst heart on a chain, a bottle of fancy Italian sparkling wine and a jewellery box in satin with embroidery on it. she read my cup again. omg. apparently i'm going to fall over, someone with the letter e is going to cause me stress (daughter) and other stuff i can't remember. i'm worried about the fall. i hope it's not down the stairs and i lay there for days before someone finds me as happened to the CEO's main squeeze at work. she had a stroke and fell down the stairs but no-one noticed for days and when they finally said to themselves A is not here i wonder if she's ok, they rang her at home, but it was too late. now she's a vegetable. but i digress. back to maz and her g/friend. They have a stormy relationship to be sure. No sex. Now for a lesbian this is an offence punishable by hanging. Lesbians like sex. Well, all of the lesbians I know are obsessed with it. Maz’s g/friend is a nutter. I couldn’t possible get into everything about their relationship coz it’s all too much. Yesterday the g/friend rang and said do you want to go out for lunch. She has never paid for anything yet and maz isn’t rolling in it so she said no, g/friend said she was hungry. Maz said I bought a lamb roast for the holidays I could cook that. she bought it thinking that it would last her for three or four meals. So g/friend arrived for lunch and maz said I’ve been thinking about what you said that I should move on and finish our relationship and I’ve decided to do that. Well, big fight ensured. g/friend walked out but before she did she went to table and started packing up the lamb roast. What are you doing said maz. You invited me to lunch so I’m taking it, I’m hungry. Hmmmm. Maz, idiot that she is, let her. Anyway, she came to my place and when she got home her neighbour came out and said a woman drove past and threw a lamb roast onto your lawn. It was true the lamb roast (half eaten) was on the lawn and the potatoes too. So maz put it in the bin. How embarrassing. Also, the beautiful plate it was on was broken coz she threw that out of the car too. It belonged to maz’s g/mother. Needless to say maz is extremely upset and hurt. The g/friend has her house keys and I said get them back coz g/friend is a nutter and you don’t know what she might do next. Maz sent her a text message saying don’t contact me again blah blah blah. What a fu(king idiot is the g/friend. She’s completely nuts but maz gets lonely and wants some company so lets her back into her life again and again. She said it’s over this time. She’s very hurt. Poor thing. Sometimes I think I’m better not in a relationship at all coz they seem to be the cause for most of our problems. I haven’t heard from maz today but will ring her later.

My sister will be here soon, I’d better finish wrapping her presents and clean some more. Have a great day everyone. It’s very grey here with a few spots of rain. Nice and cool. I bet the shops are crowded and noisy and horrible. I hope my sister doesn’t want to go shopping, but I know she will. Ahhhhhhhhh.

Friday, 21 December 2007

christmas is around the corner and i'm not ready

this is my christmas card to you

it's friday. if i had any energy i'd jump up and down from the sheer joy of it all, but i don't. i'm soooooooooooooo tired. why is christmas always so hectic? work has been tough too, but at least the bitch from hell is on hols for two weeks so we will all look forward to going to work for a change. i've almost finished gift shopping and have to buy food. as i think i've told you (i can't remember) my sister is coming down and we are going to spend a few days together. i will see the g/kids and my daughter on boxing day and my son and his family on sunday for a bbq. i'm actually looking forward to it. on christmas day we will go to my friend's house for a drink and maybe some lunch. it's all good.

my house looks like a bomb hit it. i must clean tonight. Kim is in Perth visiting her daughter and i'm minding the mansion. i told the people at work that i'm going to have a party and they are all invited. why don't you come too. :) i think i should talk her into getting a pool next year. they can rip out the tennis court. no problem. lmao. the swimming would do her knee the world of good.

hasn't the rain been fantastic today? the garden got a good soak. we could do with some more but that's ok. i cut the lawn last night, the edges need trimming though.

i just had a lovely meal. chicken in the george and vegetables. i put lemon pepper on the chicken, i love the stuff. and Worcestershire sauce in the gravy. i'm going to make coffee in a minute.

one of my 'friends' on myspace dumped me. i am so hurt. mind you i don't know this woman from a bar of soap but i did enjoy reading her page. she's made her page private too which sucks. how rude! oh well, it's not like there's not another friend out there waiting for me.

i've been doing weights so to speak. actually not as often as i'd like but still at least i've started. i also do some sit ups and a yoga back stretch. i should do it more often i suppose. i'll try.

if i don't get a chance to blog before christmas (highly unlikely) i'd like to wish you a peaceful and loving christmas. i hope santa brings you something nice and you stay safe and well. bfn

Saturday, 15 December 2007

the week that was

this is a gorgeous necklace of peridot chips.

this is the painting i got a few weeks ago of the belly dancer. noiyce

hi everyone, thank you dear minerva for her lovely christmas cards on her blog. you are a dear. i wouldn't have thought to put an individual card up for everyone. that's very thoughtful. i love mine and the one for elle.

well, what a week! i went out to dinner last night with my friends D and L. L is our belly dance teacher. D still dances but i gave it up a while ago coz i had a dicky hip and it hurt too much. i should have worked through the pain and kept going but you know. the cook was very attentive, especially to L who is very young, attractive and quite voluptuous if you know what i mean. D and L went to Egypt earlier this year for a dance workshop. the restaurant is on port road near the entertainment centre. it's east african. nice food. fantastic coffee. there was a football match on and we couldn't get a park, however, the restaurant has a carpark at the back so we went there after driving around for 15 minutes. we had a nice evening. D married for the third time last year and her husband collects shells, varnishes them and makes jewellery. they gave us a pendant each. how nice.

i've had so many early meetings this week i'm exhausted. we have a program launch to do monday and then things may calm down a little at work. i'm hoping so anyway. we will be really short staffed over christmas and new year.

today i am going to be weighed. oh dear. i don't think i've done very well this week. too many breakfast meetings. i'm taking Kim to a house in my street later on. they sell Indian gemstone jewellery. gorgeous stuff. they import it and may have a business somewhere. Kim is into jewellery big time. i think she has a room for it at home. i know she has a few rooms for her clothes. no kidding.

it rained last night here which is good. i don't think it was much though. my plants are suffering. i want to plant a cherry tomato today, i've been meaning to get one for ages.

i went to the dentist again on wednesday. bloody hell it was horrible. he stopped half way through and took an xray. seems there's another canal on that tooth so he had to drill another 3ml. doesn't sound much but it certainly seemed a lot. he just kept drilling and drilling. i couldn't stand it anymore. instead of one more appointment i have to go back for two more. not fair. not to mention the cost. to make matters worse, the tooth on the other side is a bit more sensitive to cold atm. than usual, i'm hoping it will go away, i have 'sensitive' gums so have to use special toothpaste. maybe it's just that. maybe! i must get some herbal toothpaste, it's supposed to be much better for your gums.

i'm hoping to see the kids today, i might go up for tea. i have some chockies for them. oh well, enough rambling from me. enjoy your weekend everyone. bfn

Sunday, 9 December 2007

sorry peoples

it's not possible to see the celebrity lookalike blog. shame but there you go. believe me when i say it is good.

Saturday, 8 December 2007

check out the malaysian food link on my page


it's saturday - yay

it's been one hell of a week work wise. i'm glad it's the weekend. i've been in the garden already and must clean a bit today. maybe i'll see the kids if i'm lucky. have a good one everyone.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

it's nearly christmas

hello, well it's getting to be a bit busy and hectic lately. i don't know where the time goes. i have two christmas cards already. one from my sister and one from my friend. he's just found a lady friend. his word, not mine :) his wife, also a friend of mine, left him years ago to 'go her own way'. she's just married again for the third time. she has treated him dreadfully yet he goes out of his way to help her. she is jealous that he has finally moved on and is happy. he's even put the house on the market and he refused to do that when they were married. she's had some doozy relationships over the years. i think her current husband married her to stay in the country. she's almost admitted as much. he hasn't got his permanent recidency yet.

last night Kim and i were 'special guests' at a dinner for an association Kim has been involved with. well, she was the special guest, not me. i just tagged along as her driver. dinner was lovely. santa made and appearance and get this. we bought raffle tickets on the way in and i won. THREE TIMES. no shyte. amazing. i was too nice to take the large prize on the table. we could pick whatever we wanted. i chose a bottle of champers. then i gave Kim the second ticket. she chose her prize. then i won again and i gave it to the secretary who invited us. i was just embarrassed to take all prizes. Kim is disgusted with me. she said it's my luck and i gave it away. we had a lovely evening. Kim gave me a present. it's a ring. an oval pink zirconia with two white zirconias on the side shaped like triangles in stirling silver. it's really lovely. she is very kind. we got home about 11.00 pm which is a bit late for me. i was hanging out for a coffee so i had one at that hour. i slept like a baby. i was truly exhausted. i had another early meeting this morning but it wasn't until 8.30 am so that wasn't too bad. did i tell you i've started to buy christmas presents? i have done a few, not many.

the pic is just a few :) orchids on Kim's veranda. i repotted some belonging to my mum who died in 1981 the other day and she had them for ages. i hope they don't die. it's been a bit hot. they don't look very healthy atm.

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

sicky poo today

hi everyone, ok, the tattoo pic isn't really of me. i admit it. :) i woke at 5.30 am with pain in my stomach. same pain as a gall bladder attack only not quite so severe. i had GB out a few years ago and still have attacks if i take codeine. weird i know. i didn't take any codeine so don't know what caused it and i got nauseous as well. sick as a dog. couldn't go to work and had to go to doctor. three hours later i got home. doctor and chemist took forever. i've slept all afternoon and feel better now. i cancelled my dental appointment tomorrow coz still feel a bit delicate. i'm working late tomorrow. other than that nothing much to blog about. i got a lovely painting the other day of a belly dancer. all blues and greens, very nice. i may take a pic and post it. i've been thinking of taking it up again coz i need to exercise badly. i'm losing weight but not doing anything about my muscle tone.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

out to dinner

this is a pic of me and my new tattoo. it's the one on my left knee. it's a gecko. i got it in bali this year. i'm hoping to get another one on my left shoulder blade next february.
hiya, just returned from a lovely evening out with Maz and her g/friend. i feel great coz we had lots of laughs and i needed a good laugh. Maz's dog is a little shit, it used to nip at me and bark at me. now i must say that animals usually love me. i'm adorable. but not this dog. but, the last two times i've been to her house the dog is fine with me. barks when i get there and doesn't like it when i leave but other than that he's fine. she has him on medication coz he has fits. he's epileptic i think. anyway, we went to the severington lodge or something like that opposite the tea tree gully hotel. it's chinese. lovely food and we had a new champagne called something pink. it was delicious. made by borloti or something like that. it's from SA. i'm not being very helpful am i? there was a minor car accident outside the restaurant just seconds after i turned into the parking lot. i don't think anyone was hurt but the police, ambulance and rescue people arrived about half an hour later. they got the car towed about two hours later. does anyone want to buy a toyota badge? someone told me to put it on ebay. have you ever heard of such a thing? bizarre. then we went back and had greek coffee and Maz read our cups. she's very good at this but tells it like it is. but no mind, mine were all good tonight, except that she saw someone who's passed over that i'm going to dream about or something like that. now that could be anything or anyone. it's freezing out tonight. i've just made a cuppa and there's nothing on the teev except kevin07 making his acceptance speech thingy. i went around to Kim's again today to make some jewellery. she loves it. she fed me again as usual. strawberries. and then sticky rice with coconut and herbal tea with ginger. all delish. btw i went off the rails tonight re: diet. i had black pepper sizzling steak which was really beautifully done. i gained weight this week when i was weighed which is bloody ridiculous as i've been very very good again. i'm sure it's because she weighs me one saturday morning and then the next friday night. or it might be fluid. i'm looking for excuses here. basically except for tonight i've been good. Kim did give me some pineapple with kalua (?) the other night. wow it was great. there's an asian thing she does with fruit, with the strawberries today she puts a salt and chili mixture on them. just a tiny bit. now, i know this sounds weird as but trust me when i tell you this it brings out the flavour like you wouldn't believe. it's got something to do with the sweetness of the fruit i don't quite know. apparently it's very common in Asia to do this. they sell little bottles at asian supermarkets. go figure? oh well, i'd best go to bed and read i think. nothing on tv and too late to start watching a movie. have a good day tomorrow, i hope it's a good one for you. bfn

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

sad news

i was saddened to read that Les's beautiful cat Harley has passed away. He had an accident some weeks ago and I think was recovering quite well. But alas not. My daughter lost her beautiful dog last week too. She was a lovely girl. She jumped up onto the windowsill as she did throughout the day and hit her head. She's done that before too, many times. My daughter thought she looked a little stunned and kept an eye on her until she went to work thinking that if she wasn't herself when she came home from work she'd take her to the vet. My daughter's partner went into the backyard when he got home around 2.00 pm and found her dead. Of course, the family is still dreadfully upset. We love our pets and they are so much a part of our families. I still miss my beautiful, faithful and loving Siamese cat Vincent every day even though he passed on three years ago. He was 14 years old and I loved him so much. He's in the yard near the bird bath so that he gets the afternoon sun. He was such a cold little fish he insisted on getting under the covers in 'our' bed and slept on top of the heater during the winter.

Monday, 19 November 2007

nothing in particular

i did learn today that flies do it doggy style. they were at it on my rubbish bin. get out! who knew? but enough of that.

i've lost 6.1 kg. don't forget the .1, that's what i gained last week. i don't understand as i've followed the program really well (notice i don't say to a t?) i've been very good. my pants are too loose and are uncomfortable. i don't like wearing a belt but i may have to buy one. i only have one, i got it in bali for 100,000 rupes. it's a quicksilver but it's a fake for sure. i got it from a friend as a favour. i know it's way too much. i keep meaning to give it to my son or at least someone who may be able to use it. i may take it back to bali in February and give it to my friend over there. he'd wear it but he'd have to cut half of it off to fit.

my herbs are doing fairly well. i had salad for tea with basil and parsley from my garden. how proud am i? wow. the rocket i planted is not doing so well, i think it's in flower. weird as i bought it a few weeks ago as seedlings. the chives are ok i think. they dry out very quickly so i have to water them daily. isn't it great that the weather report has been amended and it's not going to be 39 tomorrow but in the low 20s all week. then it's warming up i think.

i saw my indo. teacher yesterday. we went to another student's house to view her quilts. omg, they were magnificent. beautiful japanese fabrics, all natural fibres and just beautifully done. i can't afford one so bought a handbag instead. i need a new handbag like i need another hole in my head but you know how it is. it's really very special. gorgeous.

that's enough from me for the moment. i have not been up to much. hopefully it will be a quiet week. my tooth was hurting a bit but is better now, just a little bit sensitive. have a good one everyone, hope the week is good to you. bfn

Thursday, 15 November 2007


hi everyone, dentist was ok, no anaesthetic. wtf? when he told me that i nearly died. ok he said, trust me i'm a dentist. first canal hurt a bit so he'll leave that till next time. two to go. thanks for asking everyone. i noticed last night that mandy has removed all her posts from BB. i booked our trip yesterday. yay. got the quote last night. i can't wait.

hope you all have a good day. bfn

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

thank you for answering the questions everyone

in the last post. i haven't published them for privacy reasons. i don't know what happened to some of the questions, bizarro world. it's hot here in adelaide atm. i'm going to the dentist tomorrow for the second part of my root canal. i'm nervous and don't want to go and then i'm working late. have a good one everyone. bfn
ps the photo is tuban beach behind the discover mall and these ladies are beach sellers. they sell sarongs and do massages.

Monday, 12 November 2007

50 questions

someone sent me these on myspace, why don't you answer them yourself and post them or email your answers to me? only if you want to of course. :)

1. When is the last time you actually hung out with your top #1 on myspace?
never, but she gave me a flower once

2. What's bothering you right now?
family stuff

3. Would you share a drink with a stranger?
depends, but maybe not, i probably would in bali. i do lots of things there i'd never do at home

4. What were your plans today?
go to work, go to physio, come home, cook, make coffee, water herbs i planted the other day and veg

5. Wallpaper on your computer's desktop?
plain violet, the same colour as Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes. We share the same height too but i think i'm shrinking. Amazing!

7. Next time you will hug someone?

8. Where was your default picture taken?
it's not a photo

9. Do you like emails or comments better?

11. What is the last thing you ate today?
chicken and broccoli

12. What are you doing this weekend?
paying a long overdue visit to the hairdresser and go to a quilt day

14. Who was the last person to send you a text message?
my friend in Indonesia

15. If you could have two people with you right now who would it be?
Ants and Jourdy

16. Listening to?
Jimmy Barnes

17. Have you ever kissed anyone named Nick/Nicole?

18. Smell you like?

19. What do you like eating?
vegetables and yoghurt

20. Have you hit someone today?
yes, sorry Brad

21. Do you believe in a soul mate?
like re-incarnation, i hope so

22. What do you wear to bed?
t-shirt and knickers

24. Do you burn easily in the sun?

25. Have you ever been gambling?

27. What did you do last weekend?
I made some jewellery with Kim, ate sushi for lunch, visited family, went shopping, went to the airport, gardened, shall I go on

28. What/who do you miss?
mum and dad

29. What are you going to do after this?
make coffee

32. What was the last text message you sent?
probably to my friend in Indonesia

33. Have you ever had a crush on your sister's/brother's friend?
don’t think so

34. How good is your eyesight?
ummm, not very good, blind as a bat in fact

36. What was the last thing you drank?

37. Whose house did you go to last?

38. Who was the last person you visited in the hospital?

39. Do you like someone right now?

40. Do you have a chance with them?
probably not

41. What do you wear more: shorts, slacks, jeans, or sweatpants?
trackies and jeans

42. What have you eaten today?
fruit, vegetables, chicken, salad and i'm going to have yoghurt or fruit soon

43. Name Three Drinks You Drank Today:
water and coffee

44. what’s the closest red thing to you?
my hair

45. What is your dream phone?
I don’t have a dream phone

46. Ever broken a promise?

47. What have you learned recently?
I have much more strength than I think

49. Favorite shoe?
i love my crocs, ugly but comfy

50. Would you ever date someone who you don't know very well?
depends, maybe

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

a day at home

i'm on toil today. time off in lieu. it's great. i have a few things to do but nothing too exciting. i am going to buy some herbs and plant them in a pot. i have so little sun in my yard it's not funny. plants need sun. if i put them in a pot maybe i can move them around a bit. sad isn't it? i'd love to plant a cherry tomato too. i have some mother in law's tongue. it's rotting in the pot so i'm thinking too much water (how can this be?) or not enough sun, so i've moved the pots. i mowed the lawn last night (it's tiny thank goodness) and the whipper snipper cord thingy broke, so i fixed that this morning and finished the edges. then the little broom and dustpan broke as well. i may have to replace them today. funny isn't it how you have no plans and before long your day is full? then i have to catch up on housework. vacuum etc. get the wax out of those jeans from a month ago. they are soaking in hot water as i type. i'm going through my clothes and getting rid of stuff i haven't worn for a year, less or more, you know what i mean. well that's the plan anyway. i wonder how much i can cross off my list today. have a great day everyone, at least the weather is nice today, after all that fabulous rain it's a lovely day. bfn

Saturday, 3 November 2007

diet - may contain traces of nuts lol

or i should say sensible eating program, but it's a diet. i got weighed today after 6 days and lost 3.9kg. pretty good. i must be strong for the coming week although i don't expect to lose that much each week. it would be nice but hardly healthy or usual.

i saw the grandchildren this arvo, they are well and happy. we had a nice visit. going to see kim tomorrow and take her some dvds to watch.

great to see so much rain. good for the garden. no new agapanthus buds yet but i was good and went for a walk this morning.

hope everyone is well and hope you enjoy your sunday. :)

Thursday, 1 November 2007

more photos of Bali

Yay, finally something to blog about. I’m so excited. I have an agapanthus bud in the garden. Omg. Let me explain the reason for my excitement, it’s a long story. I got them about, I don’t know, four or five years ago and naughty gardener that I am left them to get pot bound in tiny little pots. They looked healthy. No flowers though. Well, I planted them out in the garden about twelve or even eighteen months ago. No flowers. Then, tonight I went into the garden, don’t know why it’s wet out there, and behold! An agapanthus bud. I’m just so excited. My podiatrist, yes, the one who tells me I’m deformed, told me that they like to be mistreated. (is that a word?). he said I mustn’t feed them and tend to them, just leave them alone. That’s difficult coz a little patch of violets, who like water, is right next to them. So voila, a flower at last. They are tiny little plants, I think they are miniatures. Ha, I hope so. I am still dieting, and trying so hard to be good. AND…. tonight I went for a walk. Just half an hour but hey, that’s a start. My legs are hurting btw, but, I’ll persevere. I know Mandy is on a diet too. Mandy, if you read this, we can be diet buddies. J have a great Friday everyone, I’m so looking forward to the weekend. I’m uploading photos of Bali to an album as I type so will post the path as soon as it’s a goer. More later…….

Saturday, 27 October 2007


i spent most of the arvo in bed. i woke too early (as usual) and felt so tired. took some lemonade over to kim, who can walk around now and is over the nausea from the anaesthetic. she is doing well, she's in pain but said she can cope with it. her gardener and his wife arrived as i was leaving. as i said i spent most of the arvo in bed. why is it easier to sleep in the daytime? wish i could sleep that deeply at night. i'm watching jimi hendrix: live at some festival. i forget which one. maybe woodstock. ahhh jimi. guitar god extraordinaire. love to hear the rain and thunder and lightning tonight. some of the thunderbolts shook the house. i did some washing today (no tissues yay) and it dried quickly. tonight i watched the doco long road to heaven about the bali bombing (first one). it was not a well done piece but still interesting to watch. that's my fabulously interesting day. :( didn't see the g/children but that's ok. will work tomorrow for a few hours. take care and have a great sunday. :)

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

tastes like chicken

i took my friend Kim to the hospital today. she was nervous which is totally understandable. i just rang her husband but no answer so he may still be at the hospital. i will ring in a minute and see if she is still there. we weren't sure if she would stay in tonight or not. Kim talked me into getting a microwave-convection oven recently. well, it is not user friendly to say the least. i had to get my friend to come over and see if he could work it any better than me. so that's sorted. i put it on convection and it smelt funny and smoked. oh dear, well tonight i actually cooked one of those chicken roast things from the chicken place. it was sucessful and it didn't explode or blow up the kitchen. all is good. easy to clean too. i just did the dishes and must prepare for work tomorrow. grotty has been visiting my blog today. i think she's bored and when i last looked mandy hadn't blogged today. i think she's with her sister. i'm thinking of you girl and saying a prayer for you and your sister. i hope it all goes well. more later.
update: kim is staying in hospital tonight. she's ok though.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

nothing in particular

i'm watching the gilmore girls dvd again. it's great. i think it's ahead of the tv. i have a bad feeling about Lorelei and Luke's wedding. i hope it works out. i'm taking Kim to the hospital tomorrow. she's quite nervous naturally, i hate having anything done in hospital. it's not major surgery so everything should be ok. i'm hoping to see the g/children on saturday. i didn't see them last w/end so am looking forward to that. i saw a chinese movie when i was home the other day. i had to have a root canal. i had a abscess. yuk, very painful. anyway, this chinese movie was on tv and i missed most of it. i d/loaded it and guess what? no subtitles. drrrrr. my chinese isn't that great. i guess i'll see if i can hire it from a dvd shop. i'm thinking of buying a bicycle. don't laugh. i think it would be great to go to the shops and library etc. the woman next door just bought a scooter. when my husband was alive we both had a scooter, he used to take our daughter on his. it is the best fun on a scooter. the only thing wrong with it is the traffic doesn't take too much notice of you. this is the only drawback. that and in summer it's a bit hot and it's not quite as much fun in the rain. i used to have one when i was a teenager (a hundred years ago). :( maybe i should get a scooter. i'll think about that a bit longer. no hurry.

Monday, 22 October 2007

a new post

i'm watching a dvd of the gilmore girls. i think it's the last episode of series 6. it's sad. i'm totally lost and don't know what episode i'm watching in that i don't know where it fits with what's currently on the teev. on sunday i was watching the dvd and at the same time the teev episode was on so i missed half of that and watched the rest. are you confused yet? i am. i love that show. which means that it will probably finish never to be seen again. all of my favourite shows finish just when i get into them. ie. sex and the city. i like desperate housewives but it's not quite as good as satc. i'm having a glass of wine as i type. better than another cup of coffee. i'm trying to cut down. my friend kim just rang. i'm taking her to the hospital on wednesday coz she's having knee surgery. i've been there and done that. she's all prepared, cooked food, shopped, made a bed downstairs, hired a walker (the kind with wheels, not a person). everything's organised.

Sunday, 21 October 2007

blogs schmogs

i just realized that if i had all the time i have spent on the internet, esp. blogs, i would have so much free time and probably a few less wrinkles. i've had to sign up for this again as i can't log on to the last one, even though i've tried every user name and password i have used in the last 10 years. well, not quite but close. it's hot today so i've spent most of the day inside. i washed a tissue in with my washing yesterday and had to wash everything again twice.
i am madly in luv with dustin nguyen. i saw little fish last night and it was good. i like cate blanchett. she's lovely and a great actress. i'll try to post a pic of dustin. (unfortunate name, maybe his movie producer father was a fan). more later