Saturday, 26 November 2016

christmas lunch

i went to our family history group today for an early christmas get together.  a very nice lunch with yummy dessert was enjoyed.  our table, including two of my cousins, won the quiz.  we had a very nice day

Monday, 21 November 2016


i just returned from my consult appointment for the cataract surgery. the surgery will be in the new year and they are going to sedate me so that's good.  i'm such a sooky la la.  cookie rang me while i was there and she is in hospital.  she was taken in early this morning as she has chest pain and a fever.  she may have tonsillitis too.  she's not well but i just spoke to her and she's being well looked after.  as you may know she has major heart problems so they usually admit her when that happens just in case.  better to be sure etc etc.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

perth visit

i'm back at home after a week in perth.  i had a lovely time and saw lots of interesting places.  we went to the serpentine dam and fed the wild birds.  beautiful parrots that come down from the trees and feed from your hand.  lovely.  i went to the kalamunda hotel which is supposed to be haunted and the nearby farmer's market.  i went to the indiana tea rooms in cottesloe which was beautiful.  perth has some lovely architecture and i especially like freemantle. the cat cafe and kings park were worth a visit too. my friend leonie's daughter was in hospital whilst i was there and was quite ill.  she's seen another specialist now and hopefully she's on the road to recovery.  the flights to and from were good except that on the way to perth they weighed our handbags.  how rude.  of course we were both way over weight and had to shuffle our luggage around.  thank goodness leonie had 30kg to play with.  they did it at the boarding gate and in all of my years of travelling i've never had my handbag weighed before.  so, i've learned my lesson and will be more careful in future.  last year coming home from bali my handbag was so heavy i had trouble carrying it.  thank goodness they didn't weigh it then.  i will do better in future as i bought a new suitcase in perth.  it's got a 10 year guarantee.  lol.  i hope i don't need it but i thought it was a good idea as i've had two suitcases ruined on the last two trips and as i didn't have a receipt for them i didn't claim from the airline or my travel insurance.
indiana tea rooms

serpentine dam

kalamunda hotel.  nice beer and a yummy steak sandwich
one of the dozens of parrots at the dam

the cat cafe.  we need one in adelaide

kings park was beautiful

lunch at the tea rooms.  a doggie bag was needed

Tuesday, 1 November 2016


i went to maz's today for lunch.  we had chicken yiros.  very nice and i bought some leftovers home.  she's getting her second bathroom redone and all of the components arrived when we were there.  the delivery driver came alone and didn't bring a sack truck with him.  there were about 5 large boxes including the bathtub.  he asked maz to help him but she has a bad back and cannot lift heavy things like baths.  lol.  i mean what kind of delivery service is that?  maz paid $70 for the delivery.  in other news, i arrived home and unlocked the front gate as i padlock it these days.  that's another story.  imagine my shock, disbelief and surprise when i went to open the front door and the screen door was open and the sliding door was unlocked.  when i left this morning i went to bring the washing in and decided to leave it out there until i got home, obviously, i just left and forgot all about locking the doors.   oh dear