Tuesday, 1 November 2016


i went to maz's today for lunch.  we had chicken yiros.  very nice and i bought some leftovers home.  she's getting her second bathroom redone and all of the components arrived when we were there.  the delivery driver came alone and didn't bring a sack truck with him.  there were about 5 large boxes including the bathtub.  he asked maz to help him but she has a bad back and cannot lift heavy things like baths.  lol.  i mean what kind of delivery service is that?  maz paid $70 for the delivery.  in other news, i arrived home and unlocked the front gate as i padlock it these days.  that's another story.  imagine my shock, disbelief and surprise when i went to open the front door and the screen door was open and the sliding door was unlocked.  when i left this morning i went to bring the washing in and decided to leave it out there until i got home, obviously, i just left and forgot all about locking the doors.   oh dear


  1. It happens! That was a dodgy delivery service.

  2. That's not good with the delivery man - a women shouldn't have to help, not that she could.
    Well, no thieves - how lucky you are!


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