Saturday, 31 January 2009

three movies

i've seen three movies lately which is more than i usually see in a year (not counting on the teev or a dvd at home).
7 pounds
enjoyed it. a little slow to figure out what was going on but enjoyable, well done, great acting and the end a little sad.
revolutionary road
great acting. didn't enjoy it, it's depressing. very. unsatisfying too. looked great though.
gran torino
the last one is the new clint eastwood one we saw tonight. wow, it's great. i loved it. it had a bit of everything, i laughed, i cried. clint stars and directed. can't recommend this one enough. very good movie.
we went to zac's at west lakes for dinner, greek food, very nice and then the movie. going to try and go to sleep now.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

just a few things

hiya, i haven't blogged for a while so here goes. firstly it's stinking hot here if you haven't heard already. major heat wave. hottest day for 70 years. my mother often mentioned 'the big heatwave of 1939' as i was growing up. it was a stinker. let's hope for a cool change soon. poor kids at school and people without air con. i'm sleeping downstairs which is not as bad as usual coz i got the flip out sofa thingy modified. it has a backrest that when the bed is out flat is a very high bump. very uncomfortable and impossible to sleep on unless you are very short. so it's much better now i got it cut off, i slept really well until 4 am when i woke up and couldn't get back to sleep as usual. plants are not all dead but not looking good. i'm aware that this weather snakes are about (i live in the burbs but next to a park and a cemetery). you must be aware of my lizards as i've blogged about them many times, but i'm always wary of snakes. i'd die if i saw one. shuddering as i type.
i tried to return the perfume to the seller in the us but post office man wouldn't let me send it. dangerous goods. so how did it get sent to me????? i've emailed him again to ask his advice. he's been very friendly and helpful so far. our trainee at work is leaving us after one year so we are giving him a surprise party thingy tomorrow night. the theme is survivor. trainee survivor. he has to do things and get tested, then we vote and well you know. i've never watched the show but they explained it to me. i've just watched food safari, it was american cuisine tonight. burgers, fried chicken, pies etc. looked ok actually. i love that show. oh well, best go. keep cool if it's hot where you are and enjoy the rest of the week. bb

Friday, 23 January 2009


my order of perfume arrived from the us. was supposed to be 4 bottles of zinzibar but only got two and two bottles of rougeberry. never heard of it and i don't like the smell. i've emailed them and will wait to see what they intend to do to rectify this horrible mistake. i jest of course. two out of four ain't bad i suppose but still ... on a more positive note it looks and smells genuine. :)

Sunday, 18 January 2009

a very minor disaster

i've had an accident, actually two. i was trying to grow basil plants from seed on my bench. they weren't doing very well probably due to lack of light. so, i put them on the narrow window sill. i put up the blind to water them and the pot dropped onto the bench. dirt everywhere. never mind, i can cope with that. then, i went to pick up the handwash to move it and whoops the lid came off and i've got an almost new bottle of handwash on top of the dirt on my bench. i suppose that instead of blogging about this fascinating event in my otherwise uneventful day i should go and clean it up. i've just returned from shopping and it's hot outside. 37 here tomorrow. i'm sipping on some icy cold bitters, lime and lemon cordial with soda water whilst watching the doors on abc2. i am also seriously contemplating a nana nap. yes, sounds good to me. but first, i should clean up the bench.

and then: i cleaned the bench and started to make meat balls. reached into the fridge to get an egg and two yoghurt pots were in the way making it difficult (should have moved them). i stuck my finger through the egg breaking it in the carton. tried to get the egg out of the carton but it just kept breaking into smaller pieces. had to remove the unbroken eggs and finally was able to get the broken one out before recycling the carton. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. the butter chicken is simmering away but not before i nearly wore some of it. it splashed and i was only wearing a bra and knickers (sorry, way tmi). it went all over the stove and missed me. phewwwwwww. the meat balls are in the fridge almost ready to go. hope nothing else goes wrong. it's been a bit messy in my kitchen today. :(


i went to pondok bali again on friday night. we had the banquet which is devine. lumpia (spring rolls), sanur bbq chicken (my favourite), fish in a delicate spicy sauce, beef rendang, veg in a spicy sauce and for dessert pandan pancakes with the toasted coconut filling. too delicious. then a kopi bali. balinese coffee. i also tried a bali hai beer instead of my usual bintang. i love this restaurant. yesterday i made really nice sing. noodles. the best i've ever made although they were just a tiny bit too spicy as i put a whole teaspoon of red malaysian curry powder in instead of half a teaspoon. it's super hot. i also put two teaspoons of sambal olek in instead of one so yes, just a tiny bit too spicy but very edible all the same. didn't burn my mouth or anything. i'm going to make meatballs today. i've had a craving for butter chicken too lately so i might make some of that and freeze it. have i made you hungry yet? i am :)

Thursday, 15 January 2009

you have to check out this site

it's adorable. sorta kinda. no, it is. :) have a look if you have time.

i did it

i bit the bullet and bought 4 bottles of perfume on ebay. then i thought to myself. jeez i hope it's genuine. in bali they mock up perfume that is so well done you'd never know. the joke going around is that it's monkey urine but i'm sure that's not true. worked out at $19.00 per bottle, cheaper than the body shop including postage from the us of a. i'll let you know how it goes. hope it's good. i've had little sleep since 4.30 am when i woke up coz i was cold. i am so tired. have a good one peeps

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

just stuff

the pic is where i'd rather be. my sister said the other night that she'd like to go to bali in february/march. yay

it's going to be a scorcher today in adelaide so my daughter has asked me to go up to craigmore (long way away) after work and help her clean and move stuff from the old house. omg. it will be fine. last night my son was supposed to come over so that i could update his cv. i waited, cooked some nasi goreng, moved plants around the garden so that they wouldn't get burnt today (here's hoping) and he didn't show up. he rang about nine and said he forgot. poor thing just got retrenched from his job. anyway, we did it via email so it's all ok. well, whatever you do today have a good one, i'm just going to try to go with the flow.

the other day i went into the body shop to get some perfume as i'd run out. they don't make it anymore. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh but guess what? they sell it on ebay, from america. decisions decisions. do i really want some zinzibar. yes i do

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

it's finally happened

congratulate me, i have a tomato on one of my plants. finally. only one though. i have more flowers and the tomato is about as big as my thumb nail. it's growing in a pot. the chili plant is doing nothing at all. the cucumbers are not doing much either. the lemongrass is growing beautifully. the thyme ditto. i have a small japanese bamboo, at least that's what i call it. it's looking very sick atm. i've killed two trees, one of which, i think, was a jacaranda, the other, i've no idea what it was but if pressed i'd say some kind of native. i just planted some blue irises and something that may be agapanthus but we'll have to wait and see. speaking of agapanthus, i don't have one flower. not one. the neighbourhood is all abloom with them but out of my three, small pathetic looking plants i don't have one. remember last year when i got a flower. happy days. i've decided to buy some more because this lot are obviously duds.

Saturday, 3 January 2009


stayed over last night. jordy woke at 5.40 am and whispered to herself, wiggled, tried to put up the venetian blind (unsuccessfully) and then played her nintendo ds thingy which i'm here to tell you has THE most annoying sound known to man. but guess what? she actually went back to sleep after a toilet stop. unbelievable, she was yawning and she did have a late night, we were talking at 11.00 pm. she loves to lay in bed with nana and talk. we eventually fell asleep and i must say i slept quite well considering. we just had lunch and are watching the tv while taking turns on the computer. i set the kitchen timer. it's my turn now. we are having icecream for dessert in a minute. yesterday we went to the movies and saw bolt. it was great. we loved it. so that was my friday and today. i'll take them home later.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

my new year's eve

happy new year. Liyana came over for nasi goreng last night and brought strawberry champagne. yum, it was very nice and we watched (and sang along and danced with) the abba special on the teev while surfing the net and generally having a loud and raucous evening. she went home at 2.30 am and i was asleep from about 3.00 am until, wait for it, 9.00am. unheard of for me to sleep that long. they had local fireworks that we watched from my veranda in the cold. it was freezing last night and i'm sitting here now in trackie daks with a long sleeve tshirt on and my feet are cold so am going to put socks on in a minute. my daughter is moving house so i'll go up there later and i'm just enjoying my first coffee of the day then going upstairs to clean out the bathroom drawers and shelves. phew. i'm tired just thinking about all that. i'm also thinking of firing up the bbq later as i have some english beef sausages, that should be interesting. enjoy your day whatever you get up to